Present-day Gebirgsjägerbrigade 23 kitlist guide

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    Far East.....murica


    Schuberth 826 helmet with Flecktarn helmet cover and reversible helmet cover to snow/white (most recommended)
    Kejo SF MKII helmet
    Zebra Armor rebranded MICH 2001
    Arc'teryx beanie hat
    Revision Sawfly ballistic eyeshields
    Ops-core FAST ballistic (not recommended)ESS Profile goggles
    Revision Desert Locust goggles
    UVEX goggles
    Field Cap in Flecktarn
    Boonie hat in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    Winter hat in Flecktarn
    ATLAS contractor cap in olive drab
    LUCIE NVG mount
    LUCIE Night Vision Goggles
    Peltor Comtac XP headset
    Lindnerhof Taktik operator cap in either oliv or tan
    Leo Köhler baseball cap in either 3FTD or 5FTD
    Elno IH-295 tactical infantry headset
    SpecOps Brand recon wrap
    Outdoor Research PS50
    Surefire helmet light
    ESS ICE eyeshields
    Arc'teryx RHO LTW beanie hat in either black or crocodile colors
    Oakley M Frame 2.0 eyeshields
    Oakley M Frame 3.0 eyeshields
    Under Armor Coldgear balaclava
    Any Drifire balaclava would be fine
    Few balaclavas by Berghaus are also good to go
    Contour helmet camera
    Random carabiner
    Burlap/shrub on helmet
    Face camo
    S&S Precision V-lite
    Grow a beard if you want

    Main Clothing:

    Any clothing by Scharrer and Wahler, specifically the field shirts and trousers in Flecktarn
    Leo Köhler EKB shirt in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    75Tactical Combat shirt Kunduz in Flecktarn
    Leo Köhler Kommando field shirt in Flecktarn
    Leo Köhler combat shirt in Flecktarn
    Leo Köhler field trousers in Flecktarn
    Bundeswehr Nässeschutzjacke Taktik in Flecktarn
    Leo Köhler Einsatzkampfjacke Kommandospezialkräfte Smock in Flecktarn
    Arc'teryx knee caps
    Wet Weather Suit GEN. III - snow camo
    Schneetarn parka and trousers
    Lowa Combat GTX boots
    Lowa Mountain GTX boots
    Meindl Einsatzstiefel Black Cobra GTX boots
    Genuine Bundeswehr Mountain Boots Meindl Army Gore
    Meindl Army Pro boots
    Any baselayer from Outdoor Research or Arc'teryx
    Tasmanian Tiger belt
    Bundeswehr Combat belt
    Darn Tough socks
    Woolpower socks
    Lindnerhof Taktik riggers belt
    Any rappelling belt system by Yates
    Standard Bundeswehr issue gloves in either Oliv or Flecktarn
    Mechanix gloves
    Petzl CORDEX PLUS rappelling gloves
    Any gloves from Arc'teryx
    Oakley SI gloves
    Outdoor Research Ironsight gloves
    Outdoor Research gaiters
    ATLAS field shirt type 2 in Flecktarn


    System 95 webgear and whatever LKS webbing pouch (ex. Combat pack, G36 mag pouch, G3 mag pouch etc.) in Flecktarn
    Flak vest in Flecktarn
    Tasmanian Tiger MK II chest rig in Olive
    Mehler SK slick body armor in Flecktarn
    Lindnerhof Taktik Gen III or IV plate carrier in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    Eagle Industries CIRAS (Maritime version) in coyote or CB
    Lindnerhof Taktik riggers belt
    Lindnerhof Taktik Chestrig 1-teilig 6x G36-Magazine in Flecktarn or oliv
    Lindnerhof Taktik Chestrig, einteilig III. Generation in Flecktarn or oliv
    Lindnerhof Taktik Chestrig, zweiteilig II. Generation in Flecktarn or oliv
    Warrior Assault System plate carrier in oliv
    Tasmanian Tiger Wrist Office in oliv II
    Lindnerhof Taktik P6 Unterziehweste in 5-farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    Berghaus LhBW Munro pack
    Berghaus Munro pack
    Berghaus Cyclops ATLAS II pack
    Berghaus Vulkan o.d. IV pack
    Eberlestock G2 Gunslinger II pack in military green
    Garmin fortrex 401 GPS
    Any pouch from Lindnerhof Taktik in Flecktarn or oliv or coyote
    Mehler Infantry Protective Vest in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    SEM-52 radio (Recommended only for company commanders, platoon leaders, squad leaders, and RTOs)
    BHI SERPA holster for H&K USP/P8
    BHI MOLLE/PALS platform for SERPA holster
    Few Tactical Tailor pouches in olive drab or ranger green should be good to go
    Any Source Hydration bladder in whatever liters of water carried
    Camelbak Hotshot 3L
    Peltor PTT
    Lindnerhof Taktik 40mm Granatengürtel in steingrau oliv
    Lindnerhof Taktik Wasserflaschen Tasche II. in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    Lindnerhof Taktik Wasserblasen Träger 2 Liter in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    Lindnerhof Taktik Wasserblasen Träger 3 Liter in 5-Farb Flecktarn (5FTD)
    Bundeswehr Mountain rucksack (If you want to have some old school stuff)
    Any Yates retention lanyards
    Tactical Tailor playbook in tan
    Tasmanian Tiger Ammunition vest in Flecktarn
    Schneetarn pack cover
    Some Tasmanian Tiger packs in Flecktarn are good to go

    Extra gear and accessories

    German EPa meals
    Shelter/poncho in Flecktarn
    Whatever snugpak sleeping bag
    Standard issue Bundeswehr sleeping bag
    Any Carinthia sleeping bag
    Bundeswehr issued tri-fold shovel
    Gerber Gear E-tool
    Genuine Bundeswehr sleeping pad
    Hensoldt binoculars or any other binocular
    whatever range finder
    IR chemlights
    Multitool of some sort
    Any folding knife
    Any form of lighting (flashlights, headlamps, etc.)
    Panzer Tape in Oliv color
    Personal hygiene
    Other means of cooking equipment
    Skiing equipment
    550 paracord
    Rappelling rope
    Any medical equipment
    Casio G-shock watch or whatever watch you have like a SUUNTO CORE
    Prisoner bag (to bag people's heads with)
    Maps/compass or any navigation equipment
    German Flag
    Nalgiene bottle
    Rite in the Rain notepad
    Rite in the Rain pen
    Matches and lighter
    Stuff sack
    USB drive
    Nikon or Canon camera
    Eyepro hard case
    Stakes (to hold tent together)
    Umtarnfarbe (removable paint) in any color
    Tactical Tailor Universal Hard Case
    GoPro Hero series camerasHook & Loop straps
    Petzl carabiners

    Weaponry/tools of the trade and accessories

    H&K G36A1
    H&K G36A2
    H&K MP7
    Eickhorn Kampfmesser 2000
    H&K P8
    H&K G3A3
    H&K G28
    Rheinmetall Defence MG3
    H&K MG4
    H&K 121 (H&K MG5)
    Panzerfaust 3
    RGW 90
    H&K GMG
    Accuracy International G22
    Barrett G82
    AG-36 grenade launcher
    H&K 69A1 standalone grenade launcher
    DM25 smoke grenade
    DM-51 frag grenade
    40mm grenade shells
    Heim G36 sling
    Tactical Assault Gear Marauder 1-point sling (I could be wrong though)
    G3 leather sling
    Oerlikon LLM-01 Weaponlaser/light
    Hensoldt Z24 scope
    Schmidt Und Bender 3-20x50 scope
    Hensoldt RSA-S red dot optic
    Harris bipod
    H&K sturmgriff (H&K vertical foregrip, the issued version)
    Bangers (Flashbangs or Flash crackers whatever you call it)
    Tactical Assault Gear pistol lanyard