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    I'm taking flak at home about the propane smell in the basement. Green gas doesn't have the smell but it's super expensive. I read the sticky that mentions the only difference between the green gas and propane is the oil and perfume added. I'm surprised nobody has come up with what perfume can be used to mask the smell.

    Airsoft Innovations has a Gascan Compact Filling Device where you can put the oil inside and fill it with propane. Has anyone come up with a scent that can also be added in the device to mask the smell?

    Anyone know if when the make the green gas, do they use propane that doesn't have the indicator smell added or do they just put the scent in with the oil on top of the stinky propane?

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    The oderant is added to the propane during the manufacturing process.

    I use Febreze Air Effects to cover the smell when testing inside.

    Also, keep a window craked.

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    Coleman propane = propane gas + bad scent

    Green gas = propane gas + silicone oil + gaseous gold particles to keep the price high

    So to answer your question, natural propane has no scent. Propane bottlers add the scent to alert folks to a possible leak.

    Green gas bottlers just don't add the scent.
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    Put a fan in a window or don't shoot in the house. That smell is strong enough that you're not covering it up without empying a can of lysol. That won't really help matters much.
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    The smell of propane was put there for a reason and was designed so that it was difficult to mask. If it was easily mask then it would serve its purpose well which is alerting people to leaking propane which can ignite and cause explosions.
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    It wouldn't be lucrative, as in there's not a big enough market for it. I did a feasibility report on this about 3yrs ago, assuming the scent-additive was $2 per container and you use 1 container per propane bottle less than 3% of airsoft players would invest in it. In regards to the general population, less than 5% of propane users would consider investing.
    I'll spare y'all with the nitty gritty details and say most airsoft players are broke. In regards to the general public, the "bad" smell is more alerting than a nice flower-type smell.

    Best advice here, test fire near an open window, in your back yard, or in your garage with the door opened a few feet. If need be, turn on a fan and face it towards the open window to promote ventilation.
    Hallucinations from propane are not fun, neither is the nauxious feeling after
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    Well, it's looking like this isn't going to work for me. I got the perfect setup to practice bullseye pistol match with my KWA 1911 but can't have people complaining or getting sick. I open the window but all the gas doesn't get out in the amount of time before I get flak from the family. Also, when it gets real cold out the windows aren't going to get opened. There is no outdoor option.

    I'm looking to see if there are any C02 1911's with a rail mount so I can mount a scope/red dot. I already had a KJW 1911 Tactical that was DOA from the vendor. I've also read alot of problems with them.