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    I don't play these games anymore because COD and airsoft are life(or becoming life).Also, I'd like more money to spend on Airsoft. All of these games work perfectly, and all but 1 come with a case. Payment is PayPal only. I will ship once I've received notification of sent payment, however if you are a trusted buyer(on the forum) and would feel more comfortable if I sent first, since I'm newer here, that can be discussed. Each game separately I would like $20 for plus shipping. However, if you do a package of 2 or more, each game is then lowered to $15 plus shipping. I'm also open to trades, but they must be airsoft related. Preferably pistol related. But as the kids say CASH IS KING. Now to the games

    LEGO Harry Potter
    Years 5-7: $20

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince: $20

    Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix: $20

    Infamous Bundle. Comes with Infamous 1 and 2 : $30

    LEGO Batman 2: $20

    LittleBigPlanet Karting: $20

    Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2: $15 since it has no case

    Pictures or videos of gameplay can be requested but only for actually buyers/traders.

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