PTW/CTW or another KWA

Discussion in 'What Gun Should I Get?' started by gammaforce, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. gammaforce

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    Well I am still thinking if I'm gunna get Celcius M4A1. It seems to be good. Any good advice?
  2. Knief

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    Most of the people I know who've picked up the CTW have said it's pretty terrible. One of the guys I play with regularly, who I trust to know his stuff, said it's probably the worst gun he's ever owned. The thing about the PTW design is, it has to be made with precision. Celcius didn't really do that, so the gun just doesn't function well.

    That said, a SystemA PTW is a great option. Aside from the faulty motors in the 2009 model, the things are tanks. They're expensive and they're not right for every player. But if you want a most realism you can get out of an AEG, along with the quick change cylinders and great performance, the PTW is an awesome option. Expensive, but awesome. I've been running mine heavily since early 2007 and have never had a mechanical failure. Not too many guns that can reach out to 300 feet with that fast of a trigger response can say that.

  3. ThompsonFTW

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    Everything I am about to say is from research or reviews. I in no way have personally handled a PTW. Keep that in mind.

    I would have to say your wasting your time and money with a Celsius. As knief said they seem to be junk. Not only junk but overpriced junk. Another company recently released their version of a ptw in the $350 area. Soooo if your looking for cheap and possibly junk PTW go with that over Celsius. That being said... cough up the money for a systema. They are fantastic. I have been eyeing one for sale on MIA for a while...