Quarry: Saturday, 08 December 2012

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    Saturday, 08 December 2012
    1100 - 1700 (First game starts at 1200 - FYI we will keep playing later if there is interest)
    $5.00 (minimum donation to the field)

    Gill Quarry
    3201 Potshop Rd
    East Norriton, PA 19403
    (field is located behind the Quarry)

    Only three games left for the year. Let's get out and get some airsofting in. Also, I think the end of the world is near as well so there is that too. So come on out before it's too late...

    It looks like a lot of you guys enjoyed the game play the last two weeks and especially the new field progress. As some of you saw on Sunday, we were working on making the bunkers larger and are starting on a new base over in the Bravo field section. We should have enough supplies on hand to get a good start on this base but rely on your guys help as well either it being actual help with the construction or with your donations to the field. I just want to thank the players involved in either way.

    Post up if you can make it out!

    NOTICE: Please read the entire post to avoid confusion the day of the game.

    NOTICE: I should have the SEPA 2013 Waivers printed soon and will try and have them printed in time for this game. My printer is down so I have to use some magic for that one. If you have a printer and want to speed up your check in time the links are at the bottom. Also, if you are under 18 this may make your check in process easier.

    NOTICE: We will be collecting stuff to send out to the deployed PA Guard soldiers so please donate what you can from this list:

    NOTICE: Do not climb on any of the buildings or structures at the field. The walls are not there to support the weight of a player. Do not go on the roofs of the bunkers, the bunker will collapse!!! Do not molest the structures in any way or you will be banned.

    NOTICE: Trash is starting to become a problem again...at both fields now. It has been made clear that the fields will no longer be available for use if people to not clean up their trash. Harry's family had already warned us once about the quarry so next time it happens the field will be closed. If you are caught leaving trash behind you will no longer be welcome at the fields.



    Weather: A chance of showers. Mostly cloudy. Chance of precipitation is 40%.
    Hi - 49
    Lo - 38
    Weather doesn't look to bad for December yet so let's get some games in while we still can. It's still early to tell but they are calling for a slight chance of rain, but even that looks to be later on in the evening anyway. Game is on rain or shine or white stuff so just be prepared either way.

    For those of you who have not made it out to the Quarry yet, it’s a large 50 acre field broken down into several playable airsoft fields. The area is mostly wooded with a few open areas and three dirt roads and a couple creeks running threw it. There is also a few buildings and bunkers to use during game play. The woods go from dense to light in many areas and the layout is great for sneaking around or just hunkering down. There are a lot of game options that can be played here. Most of the games are set up for long range sniping and mid to long range field play with a few CQB style battles. Maps and other details can be found on the site.

    Is there an age limit?
    There is no age limit as long as minors have the waivers signed by a parent/guardian.

    Is it free to play?
    Donation to the field is required. ($5.00 minimum donation)

    Who owns the property?
    Harry Gill’s family. You can meet him at any and all of the quarry games.

    Where can I find the rules?

    Do I need to fill out a waiver to play?
    Yes, you will need to fill out the "SEPA 2013 Waiver" and sign the "SEPA 2013 Core Rules Contract" to play or be on the play field. HPA users must also sign and comply with the "SEPA HPA Contract" to be aloud to use HPA guns on a SEPA field.

    SEPA 2013 Waiver
    SEPA 2013 Core Rules Contract
    SEPA HPA Contract

    If you have any questions you can PM me or just post on here.