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question about GBBR to HPA conversion

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Hello everyone.
My friend want's to sell me his 'King Arms Colt M4A1 GBBR' very cheap..
Here is a link:
So i thought about converting it to HPA.

My question is:
Can i just buy a tank, regulator, hose and a quick connector to screw into the mag.. And that's it?

Hopefully you guys can tell me more about this, because i don't know ANYTHING about HPA..

Please post some parts and tell me what i need to convert :D

Thank you guys! :rolleyes:
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You need a Russian CQB valve for each mag, the line, regulator and tank. Most people go with SLP (super low pressure), its a tank and regulator designed for airsoft rather than paintball equipment thats been adapted. There are a few different brands and you can find everything you need on all the major airsoft retail websites.
How many mags will you have? Depending on how many mags you already have versus how many mags plus adapters you will need to buy it may be cheaper to put a Polarstar (or some other HPA system) in it. Mags plus adapters will run you at least $75 each. Its about $50 per mag and $15 for each adapter. So if you want to run 6 mags that's $450, the same price (or more) than an HPA engine. And with an HPA engine you can use what ever mags you want.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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