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    Hello all! this is Eric (aka Joker)

    So I have recently played in a CQC arena and i was in a short distance firefight. I am an honest player who calls his hits, but there was some dude who flipped out and started SCREAMING at me because i "wasnt calling my hits". i didnt feel like i was hit, gun hits dont count, and neither do ricochets. once in a while i feel like a light breeze went by me of bbs whizzing by but as far as I was aware, I wasn't hit.

    I fell as though my question is strange and unconventional, but does anyone have any advice on how to KNOW that youve been hit? i dont want to be called out for not calling my hits when i have been hit. maybe it's just an experience thing or even a guess, but if there are any ways to know then share them if you can; it will be MUCH appreciated.
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    Aside from hearing the "snap" at it hits your clothing and gear or feel the pain as it hits your skin, there's not much else. Adrenaline of being in a stressful situation sometimes helps you not feel the pain, but ultimately it's just one of those things.
    Hell I consider myself an honest player, even calling near misses at times and there's been times where my honesty was brought into question - granted in his grainy slow framed video you could theorize that his BBs were hitting my backpack, but the point is no matter how honest, things happen. Adrenaline could have been pumping or his eyes could have been deceiving him, either way it's nothing to lose sleep over.

    When players approach me about not calling my hits, I simply say "Hey, my bad man I honestly didn't know. I'll try to be more wary in the future."
    Now if the player is yelling across the field, I TOTALLY disregard it. Airsoft rules state if you're totally sure you're hitting a player and he's not calling it, you call yourself out, calmly walk to over other player and explain you hit him, then you BOTH call yourselfs out and either re-spawn or come back for the next game.

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    When I'm hit on my PC or helmet, I can feel at the very least a slight tap. I also hear the noise to confirm it though. But I have called myself out without being shot. A Polarstar user (not hating) came around the corner wearing out that instant trigger ( :3 ) on my team mates which were actually behind me. We were within 15 feet of each other, so I actually kinda balled up in the air (brought up one leg and hunkered down) to protect my unprotected places, and threw my arm up. There would have been no way for me to have gotten away or shot him. I honestly don't think I was hit (somehow).
    However, I did have a guy call me out after I got him with my pistol. He claims to have shot me right in the helmet (from within 15 feet, him up a staircase) three or four times. I'm not saying he didn't, but not only did I not feel any tapping on top of my helmet, I didn't hear anything. When he told me, I called myself out and we went our separate ways in that game. One of my buddies heard him calling me a noob after that, so he must have just been mad or something.
    But anyway. I'm done with my stories :D. No real way to tell unless you can feel or hear it.
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    people like that bug me. makes me want to slap them with a big raw tuna fish because thats what their attitude stinks like. I haven't had many issues like that before but whenever i do, i feel bad for being screamed at and yet i want to shake the persons involved and say "IT'S JUST A GAME!!!"
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    My policy is that if I'm in doubt if I'm hit and it's possible that I've been hit, I'll call the hit. I go the airsoft field to have fun, not to start quarrels. I will also not call out an opponent if I'm not 100% sure I actually hit him.

    I went to a game last Sunday, there was a guy playing with a riot shield this time. I saw his left knee stick out from behind the shield, he was 30-40 feet away from me, so I fired a burst at his knee. He didn't go out and he claimed afterwards that he didn't feel any hits to his knee. I was not 100% sure I actually hit him, I shot him with a full auto burst, so it's possible that the spread was enough that no BB's hit his knee. I emptied an entire 100 round midcap so chances are high that I actually hit him, but as I stated above, I don't go to the field to start quarrels.

    I usually just keep shooting until you call the hit, if I have to dump a mag in your chest, then so be it.