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Discussion in 'General Airsoft Discussion' started by Dante, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Dante

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    ok i am currently unable to play due to temporary relocation away from field and equipment, but last few games me and my team played (5 of us) we were able to cause a lot of damage and generally occupy almost an entire half of the opposing team.

    however the 'big team' didn't know what was going on and no one was making any moves because they didn't know one side of the field was pretty much cleared out.

    what i was discussing with 2 of the other team mates on my ship was pairing up and one person per pair with a radio and the pair squading up w/ 'outsiders' to create a more cohesive big team...hopefully.

    we've got 5 more people on the ship who are interested in playing when we get back for a team total of 10, has anyone tried doing something like this before and if so how well did it work?
  2. BlueReaper46

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    I have never tried this, but you would have to alert the members of the other squads as to what you're doing, get them to listen to you, etc. Also a good thing to have would be a map of your field(some fields have ones you can print out) for each radio man pair, so that they could get a general idea of where you are, whats cleared, etc. As long as you can get the "outsiders" to listen to the radio man it could be very effective.

  3. Dante

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    the plan was take only outsiders who volunteer to go with the plans, and our team has a good notion of the field and everything already.

    i'd really like to find people who could share experience with doing this.
  4. Grudge

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    Every member of our team, about 11 in total, have radios. We use comms all the time, and we can devistate the other team with coordinated attacks from opposite directions.
  5. Knief

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    Ann Arbor
    What Grudge said. Every player on the field should have comms up and running at all time. Good radio communication is far and a way the biggest edge a team can have on the field. Radios are cheap, FRS service is free and available everywhere in the US, and you can absolutely destroy the other team if you can coordinate everybody on the field. There's no reason not to have a radio. Plus, they're handy in case of an emergency in a remote area of the field.
  6. Protectionperfection

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    having non radio players not from your team mix in with at least one person with a radio from your team is a great tactic. We split out team up and take control of smaller groups of outside players so that we can all continue to move and control the field. so to answer your question, yes having a radio with every squad is a huge benefit and will only help your entire team out instead of just your unit
  7. Parallel38Airsoft

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    Everyone on our team is required to have good comms. Most of us run with Icoms or Yaesu radios programmed on GMRS frequencies. Having comms is the only way to effectively coordinate your forces during combat. One of the biggest problems i've seen in airsoft events where players do not have comms is after respawning. If your squad is contantly on the run towards an objective, catching back up and supporting your squad would be difficult. Not necessarily a problem when one or two are gone to respawn, but when you have half your squad down and the remaning members holding point its important that they get back or at least flank rapidly.