Question regarding a correct camoflauge.

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    Greetings. Thank you for opening my question. Quite a bit of a long post ahead. Sorry for possible typos.

    I am preparing to buy my new airsoft loadout this fall. I've been running a cheap Woodland setup for a few years now, but it's more than time to upgrade, really. I've put together a kit I would like to use, so I have every single element (Weapons, base uniform, carrier, pouches, helmet, accessories etc.) already picked. I am working with more kit variations, depending on which pieces will be available when the time comes to buy them as one full loadout. But I have stumbled upon 2 problems.

    My trouble is connected mainly to the camouflage and climate I will play in, so photos of our average forests are coming up shortly. My location is Middle / Eastern Europe.

    1. I am not quite sure what my base camoflauge and upper layer color should be. I would like something functional for my climate. So, I picked Kryptek Mandrake as my base (combat uniform set). I would like to ask: Do you think this is a good decision ? Would you recommend something else ?

    2. Again, I am not sure of my upper layer (Helmet, carrier, pouches, MOLLE backpack, gloves, knee and elbow pads). There is not much of these colored in Mandrake, and if yes it would most likely cost me a lot in shipping. So, I have to resort to one-color accessories (gladly, I think it looks cooler, actually). Now, I can't decide between Olive and Coyote. I know Olive is great for forests but I have seen Coyote working wonders in some forests as well. What would you recommend picking ? If there is something better you can think of that I have not mentioned, please, write me about it here.

    I tried putting all of these into perspective in Photoshop onto the images I attached to this post. From what I've seen, my current favorite combination is Mandrake base + Olive upper layer. But I am still not quite sure, considering all the stuff such as shadows, bright sun light etc. And that is why I would like to ask for help from you guys.


    Kryptek Mandrake variant I think will work the best for my climate:

    Average look of our forests in spring:
    43312566.jpg 43349558.jpg

    In summer:
    0caa93d75a37b2205b3fea0db35ff4a4.jpg bvysokyles.jpg

    And in fall:
    56811556_335730567140281_3608936397055010400_n.jpg Beech_forest_in_Slovakia.jpg

    So, what do you guys think ? Should I switch any parts for other camo / color ? Would you overhaul my choices completely ? What do you think could be done in a better way ?

    I am looking for the best color combination for my loadout and climate. Current favorite is Mandrake + Olive but I am not quite sure, and I would like to get to know other's tips.

    Once again, sorry for a long post. Thank you for any input. Have a nice day.
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    Kryptek is a bit of an odd pattern IMO. While effective, its not as widely supported as many other patterns. Being in Central/Eastern Europe, it sounds its harder to get than what some others may be. Im not entirely sure what patterns you may have access to (more than likely former Com Bloc patterns), but from the pictures you provided a Woodland-esque pattern would do well.

    Over here in the States, I have found that in that sort of environment our M81, MARPAT, OCP, and ATACS-FG blend in quite well, and for the "browner" backrounds ATACS-AU comes to mind. You may want to search on a few of those and if they are unavailable in your locale, perhaps something similar may be.

    Coyote tan/brown gear is a solid all-around choice. It goes with virtually anything.
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    I run Mandrake with a mix of OD and Ranger Green on top, depending on what I can get. Coyote looks good on it, too, and I might be forced to go with it for my back panel and maybe pick up a hanger pouch to match, to run a more rounded mix. A Coyote plate carrier would also have been a good starting point, instead of green. For the only outdoor environment I play in, check out Taags on youtube, the local outdoor field, or look up Swan Creek Park, which will have mountain biking videos.

    While the pattern is fine, you won't find the most support for it. Even Kryptek treat Mandrake as their redheaded step child, only selling their hunting gear in the pattern instead of any of their tactical stuff. I know, I spent the $70 for the genuine Kryptek pants. I'm not sure how common A-Tacs is in european shops, but it has a lot more support on the sites I've been through and, while not quite as dark as Mandrake and missing a lot of the brown shades, it still seems like a very solid pattern.
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    Pose this same question on Arnies Airsoft in the UK. Being that is a EU Airsoft Forum, you will find more answers there.
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    @danerd Thank you for your input. Yeah, there are plenty of our older camos that work but getting any of those you named is not a problem in the slighest around here :D You are right, however. A-TACS looks like something that could actually work really nicely. Your answer is really helpful.

    @Jeranhound Thank you. Indeed, A-TACS would probably work pretty well. But there is also a browner variation, A-TACS AU (as mentioned by @danerd ), and that would surely mix nicely with an average forest around here. Plus points for a little bit deeper insight into the Mandrake. I think you are absolutely right about the 2. layer being in Ranger Green. I have not thought of that, and looking at it, it's really good, mainly because it's darker that olive, which would definitely fit well.

    @Guges Mk3 Will do. I will probably post in our local forums as well, I just wanted to ask on the biggest forum first. Thanks.

    You were all really helpful. Thank you. If someone has more information, I will definitely appreciate it.
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    Biggest Forum is actually Arnies...
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    @Guges Mk3 I see. Ok, I just posted it in there. Thank you for recommendation.
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    I've seen a lot of patterns work well in wooded, green environments. A lot of times the effectiveness of a pattern is dependent on how you use it (as cliche as that sounds.)

    I own an almost shameful amount of camouflage... primarily because of some milsim events requiring uniforms. Here are some of my thoughts (all personal opinion of course):

    Multicam Tropic - One of the best patterns for late spring and summer when the greenery is out. Downsides: Expensive. Useless in fall/winter.

    Woodland jacket + regular multicam pants - Green/brown upper half help conceals you in the green leaves and darker sides of trees. Brown/tan lower half blends nicely with the dead leaves and dirt on the ground. I've found this combo to be effective in all seasons (except for white snow of course.)

    Regular Multicam - Works in most environments pretty well. Personally I've found it works best in fall and early spring. Works fine in summer if you use it right.

    As for coyote vs olive drab: Personally I use olive drab for any miscellaneous kit. It's dirt cheap and works almost anywhere.
    Coyote is definitely better than tan and I feel that it does work in small amounts for woodland environments. Honestly it's your call on that one. Both OD and coyote are good colors.

    As for Kryptek, I've eyed it up before and am curious about it. Haven't actually used it so I can't speak from experience. It looks good though.

    EDIT: you know what I just realized... If you're in Europe, have you considered British DPM camo? I'm assuming that it'd be slightly easier to come by then what I mentioned above, and color-wise it has a similar palette to multicam tropic.
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    Myself if Im not using a leaf suit or a ghillie, I use 2 different patterns based on time of year. Summer spring ATACS- FG is a great patter for disappearing into green foliage. The pattern has a nice depth to it, but doesnt necessarily work well against browns unless you are prone and using natural earth depressions to conceal yourself and only showing minimal amounts of your body.
    In fall and Winter desert tiger stripe is my choice. It is very effective for blending into browns that you would find in a woodland area muds, brown forest floor, as well as grasses that have turned tan. Ive had guys nearly step on me before seeing me using these 2 patterns.
    If you are playing in rocky areas with more greys and shadows ATACS AU is a great choice.
    I play the role of sniper so my concealment has to be top notch whether Im using a ghillie or playing counter sniper with a DMR.

    Lookup Brent0331 on YouTube. He has a whole series of testing different camo patterns. Should help you considerably.
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    I am so sorry for taking such a long time to answer guys, I've been really tired for the past few days.

    Thank you for posting your input, and, if I kept you waiting, your patience with me.

    @Cothonian Yeah, I've had the differently colored halfs of the clothing concept recommended to me a few times lately. It can really be put to good use.
    I haven't thought of DPM, but I will definitely have a look at it, now that you mentioned it.

    @Ghostwalker Tech Yep, I am also considering A-TACS FG now, because I've had a talk about it with a few guys.
    Tiger Stripe is an interesting choice, I can surely see it working in fall and winter though, especially winter, since the snow is almost never entirely clean or narrowly textured.
    I've had A-TACS AU recommended to me as a great camo for fall, mainly for its browns.
    Yeah, I watch him already :D great, straight to the point camouflage showcase videos.

    Once again, thank you all for your input. I value all the help greatly.
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    Uh oh....that is a early symptom of C19...didn't lose your sense of smell and taste did you? If you did...get the C19 test.
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    Well, I highly doubt I have coronavirus. I haven't left my house for more than month now and my appetite has been increasing, actually.

    There is one thing that really troubles me, however, and that could be taking its toll on me. This is not a forum for heart bleeding though, plus I don't think someone should (ever) listen to pointless rumblings about what is going with my mind.

    But thank you for asking.
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    I've never found camo to be a huge deal in games. Even when i've played games with less than 20 per team on a 10 acre field, the camo is less relevant than how you play. Stay in shadows, move slowly, stay low and behind cover. Pick a camo you like with dark browns and greens and go enjoy yourself.
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    Definitely can go with that, thanks.