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    I'm trying to adjust the motor height on my jg m4 s system according to airsoft gi tv, but the Allen wrench neede is not a standard Allen wrench, I have a complete set but none for this, also, I took the bottom of the pistol grip to find a washer pushing the motor up, like a shim, and that the screw on the bottom is more of a fine tune adjustment. How should I adjust it? By adding a thin washer or trying to find an Allen wrench that fits? Also, is it normal that my pistol grip is magnetic?
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    Your grip is not magnetic, the motor inside is however.

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    That's what I meant, I'm just not thinking, too much stress today to think properly. But any ideas on the motor height issue?
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    Just grab a basic 1.5mm Allen key (I think). I've grabbed a emergency Allen key set at O'reily's auto parts for 99 cents lol. And has the small one to adjust the motor height screw.

    It would be easier to just buy a basic set Allen keys, variety of sizes. Go for the smallest ones. Or even the multi foldable key'd ones :)

    I wouldn't add too many motor spacers either, as the motor still needs to be supported by the motor base plate. Too many, and the motor will move too much. And the sounds aren't that pretty lol.
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    I have a basic set but the smallest is too small and the next one up is too big
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    I've had the same problem what I did was take the smaller one and press down on it very hard, then turn it, and if that doesn't work you could buy a diffrent motor plate but I wouldn't add extra shims to it though
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    Go to Walmart, buy a metric foldable Allen key set, use the smallest. Don't use washers, that would be very nOoB of you