Questions with hop up.

Discussion in 'Virginia Airsoft Forum' started by vumai18, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. vumai18

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    I hear it’s helpful to replace the bucking in an airsoft gun. Im thinking of getting the g&g green bucking and nub.

    If i put in the green bucking do i have to replace the nub too.

    Replacing the bucking seems easy but idk if the nub will be tedious bc of the size.
  2. RockNRoll33

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    You do not have to replace the nub of you are replacing the bucking unless it’s flat hoped which it isn’t.

  3. Guges Mk3

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    G&G Green is fine, bit of a dated design. Maple Leaf packings will give you better range due to the inside nub being changed from round to "Delta" shaped. It's like flat hop but less finicky. However you will need to pair it with a Maple Leaf nub for best results...but it's not spendy. Nub and a Packing is 12.00 shipped from good resellers.
  4. BOA_SP3CT3R

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    Bull Shoals
    You don't have to, but the G&G nub might be slightly higher quality.
    The G&G green is a very good bucking, but you're correct that the ML(diamond) is better. If you want to save money just get the G&G & flat hop it if you want more range, but the rhop-ish design of the ML might be better with heavier BB's. Here's an interesting thread on ASF I've been watching on the ML, flat hop & rhop:
  5. Ten8DoWork

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    +1 for Maple Leaf and concave nub. They are the ****, but I have run across a few where the feed lip protrudes a little too far into the chamber causing malfunctions.