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    I have a pair of Cobra MicroTalk radios, they have a 2 pin setup on top. I was looking into getting a headset with a PTT and was wondering if there is a differnce in the types of 2pin connectors available? I've Seen Motorola, comtac,, ICOM, ect versions but i can't see a difference beyond the angle the wire come out. do any of you guys have some knowledge to share?
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    Wrong, there is a difference in the two pin designs, motorola 2 pin will not work with a kenwood 2pin, you need to find out what 2 pin design your Cobras's come with. IIRC, Cobra radios are odd balls, and usually specific to their model of radio, would need to know WHICH model of radio you have, but odds are you are stuck with what cobra designed for that radio. Or spending BIG bucks getting a PTT customed to your radio, IMHO, save up, buy a Puxing or ICOM and spend your money on a headset with PTT there.

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    TC - I know there are photos of pin connectors online - you can compare your Cobra pins to other companies like Icom, Pryme, Midland, Kenwood, etc.

    But - keep in mind that the segments might have different functions (ground, speaker, etc.) even though they look the same. Also, the lengths/diameters can be off by just a fraction and will cause fitting and connection issues.

    If you can't easily find a suitable headset for your radio, I strongly suggest replacing the radio.

    It's always worth it to have a second radio anyway, especially if you want to make sure your unit stays connected with a command frequency. You and a buddy could split a motorola 2-pack, and then headset upgrades (and CTSS code compatibility, etc.) will be a breeze after that.