Quick questions about a WE 1911 Desert Warrior, Please Help

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by DualNature, Dec 21, 2012.

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    Im trading a guy on here for a nearly new WE 1911 Desert Warrior but i had some questions about them.
    The sale is final, so im going to go and order some upgrades and externals for it but im not quite sure what it is..
    On the upgrade parts they say for "WE High Cappa" is there a diference between those and normal 1911's that would render the upgrade impossible?
    Is the Desert Warrior a highcappa?
    Are they compatable with TM parts?

    Any quick little help will be much appreciated
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    If that is a link to the EXACT same gun that you are getting then that is NOT a hicapa. That is a WE 1911, the difference is the hicapa has double stacked magazines which hold more ammo (25 rounds), but make the grip wider. The 1911 has single stacked magazines which hold less ammo (14 rounds), and the grip is normal sized. I do not think that the upper internals are compatible with each other, but they may be.
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    I own the desert warrior. Good gun. Will have lasted 1 year in 4 days. It uses ONLY single stack mags. No hicap. I honestly don't think any hicap part would work in the gun. The guns mags only hold 15. The only part you need to upgrade is the gas nozzle. It can get a little wear, but mine has lasted almost a year with no replacement parts and heavy use. I use to use it as a primary! I love it and I'm sure you will. The trigger requires little force to shoot it. You can fire super fast with no effort. Hope I could help.