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    If this is in the wrong sub from please let me know so I can copy and paste before it’s deleted since I just spent 2+ hours doing this

    Bipods $15 long $25 short. Cobra radio rechargeable. $25. GL idk $50 offer up. Baofeng UV-5R with extending battery and whip antenna standard antenna and charger. $35. Random bottle of bbs just order a couple things. Valken 7.4 1300mah lipo $15. 3 krytac rail regiments. $30. Moe grip $15. sight protector(s) $15. Rear sight. $10. Stock $20. Ferro pistol pouches $20. helium whisper M4 multicam single. $20. Random pouch $10. Lipo bag $10.
    Gate PicoSSR 3 $15 a pop 2 NIB with plastic. Scope $50 with mount. Wolverine storm regulator. $125. IMG_1585676032.759898.jpg
    M4 carrier set up holds 8 mags and other stuff like 4 pistol and HPA or water on back. $40
    Heavily used Multicam bdu and pants great for someone getting into sport super high quality wont fail you. Size small would fit a medium too. 30” waist I believe. $45 for all. Brand new wore for a few hours off brand BDU woodland Marpat. $30 size small
    Virtue Vio? Something like that has never dogged on me an amazing mask. Comes with 2 lenses and a fambama (think that’s what it’s called. $165
    Lipo bag $20
    XL burst kits 2 pins rubber bands like 120 disk 2 containers of gbb oil $50 around 3 rebuild kits. $25
    Various bbs .28 valken idk 3K left say $15 3K .30 $18 1k .25 $10 1.5k .28 KWA $13
    Condor droplet holster $25 Monaco gloves $15. XL burst $30 off brand Odin loaded with .28 KWA. box mag 5K capacity $15. Condor vest $30 IMG_1585676840.672895.jpg
    Mesh Mask $15 each. Paintball mask. $25 each
    Helmet $15 has broken strap. Krytac rear sight $10. Desert locust revision pretty sure never used in game play with fast mount and smoke lense with yellow tint lense. $50.
    Ask grips $10 each. Evike propanol adapter $15. Suppressor $15. IMG_1585677124.254265.jpg
    M4 mags left to right
    Metal Hicap $10. Plastic mid $8 G&P metal mid $14 BAMF $13 450rd metal hicap $15 metal hicap $10 plastic mid $8. Pmag hicap $15. kwa with authentic magpul $20. Mp5 mag I have a second around. $10. 7.4 1200 mag Tamiya lipo. $13. Krytac spring length hand guard with 1 keymod section $50 no gas block. IMG_1585677496.836390.jpg
    I have so much internals if you need parts let me know and I’ll set you up for the picture lot $75 takes it all. IMG_1585677634.631770.jpg
    Ferro slickster and some belt decked out
    Kangaroo front. Molle and Velcro back. Elastic 4 pouch cummerbund. OD green pantac. Nice belt with a solid molle dump pouch. I also have a 3x helium whisper molle in gray for the belt some where. Asking $310 for the vest with everything included and foam plates. $40 for belt with dump pouch or $10 for dump pouch and $30 for belt. $30 for those pouches. IMG_1585677932.345731.jpg
    A lot of items I will let go for much cheaper if bundled but I can’t sell a $5 part and pay $7 for shipping why many small items are priced higher. I have these big black bins that can fit about half of the stuff in them, and willing to give decent discount if one buys half of the stuff or more. I’m biting a bulletproof on shipping as if and if you can pay for shipping I would much prefer it. Willing to split shipping aswell. Feel free to ask with questions if prices seem unfair lemme know. Thanks.
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    are you selling two different plate carriers?