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    I have lost interest in the sport & have no desire to play anymore

    Please Read the description , I spent a decent amount of time making sure I covered everything if you have a question on something feel free to PM me

    -PayPal Only
    -Optional Insurance available
    -Once the items leave my possession it’s condition upon arrival is not my responsibility

    I’m looking to offload my only Primary & Secondary

    Primary: Latest Gen Fusion Engine housed in a G&P M4 Body it has fully been upgraded meaning inner barrel, gold low flow poppet, low flow spring , amped igl, s2 lightening banjo, it has a EDGI rhopped inner barrel with a Lonex HopUp.

    Externals are : G&P Body, magpul ctr Stock , magpul rvg, magpul Rail sling attachment , Daniel Defense IMG_1595209453.650853.jpg IMG_1595209503.992417.jpg Mk18 styled rail, Aimpoint replica T1 with green/red feature, rear 3 styled sling attachment

    I have an extra built upper super clean front receiver with a G&P LMT Rail which is kinda salty cause I took a dremel to the back of the rail however everything is mounted together solid ZERO RAIL WOBBLE

    Air System: Ninja 50/4500 Carbon Fiber Tank with a Polar Star MRS Regulator

    Magazines: I have 5 Legit MAGPUL PMAGS & a TMag IMG_1595211406.322185.jpg

    **These are discontinued & I’m currently NOT parting them out so please don’t ask**

    Price: 1000USD
    Secondary: TM G17- 6.02 steel barrel , maple leaf bucking/HopUp , steel HopUp arm, I-Key , Ice Pick , Helix RMR + Ace1Arms Rmr mount/plate , Adjustable trigger, Zero housing system & slide stop from GasBlowBackCentral , a ball bearing rotor & a sure fire bronze/tan weapon light

    Powering this beautiful sidearm I have x4 Prowin Mags
    Price : 500USD

    I’m purposely pricing this high for y’all low ballers out there :D

    If anyone is serious I am willing to part the secondary from the Primary

    IMG_1595208768.113101.jpg IMG_1595208818.560503.jpg

    Any Questions feel free to PM

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    Bumppp to the top!