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  1. wookie

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    So I have a couple of questions. Well most are questions.
    So preface, I want mad range and have tried it once on my own but don't want to give it another try if possible.
    First, How reliable is sending someone a barrel plus hoppup to be rhopped? Will I get the at least 200ft range Ive been seeing? Or is it guesswork?
    Meaning. i am shooting 400+-2fps with .20s and want to use .25s or .28s(Whichever would give more range. Would go up to .30s)
    I feel like that is not enough information for someone to cut an rhop for my barrel. (Madbull 6.03) I want someone to tell me if myself trying again would be better than sending it to a tech(maybe even on this forum?
    Well. My second question was the end of that lst one. Anyone on this forum do rhop installs? Thanks.

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  2. Mystery43_4

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    Santa Barbara
    Depends on who you send it to. There are plenty of reliable techs out there that do installs.

    I'd just keep trying it if I were you. Just read through the various install manuals and you should be set. Some people still however can't seem to get it right though.

    I do installs for $45, but don't really care to do online tech work.

  3. wookie

    wookie New Member

    I guess one more try cant hurt aha. I just wondered if rhop installs by techs on the general were reliable. Or some reliable people.
  4. Mystery43_4

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    Santa Barbara
    If you want to send it to someone, just send it to Skag. His installs are fairly good.
  5. DeadOnAirsoft

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    You will definitely pull 200+ ft with a PROPERLY installed and turned rhop. Did a semi sniper build recently that pulls 400ft no problem with rhop
  6. JakeBworth

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    DeadOnAirsoft brings up a good point. Be wary who you send it to. Any jackal can install a R-Hop but you only get your range and accuracy once it has been properly tuned. That is the hard part.
  7. wookie

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    Yeah I saw that he was recommended on hs5 website. I just doubted the potential to tune without the entire gun. It's good to hear that he would be your choice too. I'll Probobly just do that then. Thanks to everyone.
  8. EDI1st

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    You don't need a whole gun to install and tune R/ER-hop properly.
    Most people send in barrels for AEG so most likely whoever is working on it will be able to test it.

    Other than Skag, also check out United Tech Co.
    It's a "store" run by many of the known techs such as Mystikal (the only person who makes the HS5 MOSFET) and Chaos (Designer/3D diagram drawer for HS5)
    They'll install R-hop for $15.
    For ER, they'll cut the barrel window and install ER-hop for $30 and will be tuned to underhop .30.

    $35 for R-hop installation WITH M-Nub and return shipping included.
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  9. Kmkraft12

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    You can go on clandestine airsoft and buy a new Promethous barrel (much better than madbull IMO) tuned be HunterSeeker5 (the creator of the R-Hop) for around $100.