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    I want to buy an Inokatsu M1911A1. The problem is, I'm not using that C02 magazine. It is ugly, and I hate that bell-end it has in the bottom. I would much rather use a green gas magazine, but I believe I need something a lot more powerful in it than Green Gas/Propane. So, my only choice is this type of refrigerant called R410a. I guess Propane could work, but I have not heard anything outstanding about running it in an all-steel GBB pistol. This R410a stuff is about double the PSI of Propane. The issue here, is how I would buy a tank of it: https://www.amazon.com/R410a-Refrig...?ie=UTF8&qid=1469065170&sr=8-1&keywords=r410a

    Once I buy a tank, I would need to fill a C02 tank with it - ideally something between 500-600 millilitres in capacity. What would I need in adapters, hosing, etc. to do this? Also, when I do have this figured out, how would I do it without blowing myself up?

    If someone could give me a list of parts I would need to fill a C02 or Propane tank with R410a gas from a big tank, I would appreciate it a tonne!
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    Hi i work for a heating and air conditioning company and we use R410a for all of our ac units. It is actually illegal to use it for anything other than cooling and there is also a $10,000 fine for releasing it into the air, which is what you would be doing if you used it for airsoft.

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    You could try Nuprol, it's higher pressure. I've heard that it does void your warranty, so if you get the pistol try with some borrowed green gas first or get your own can. It likely will work fine with reular green gas, though.