Ra-tech m14 questions

Discussion in 'Gas Powered Guns' started by jimjam321, Sep 2, 2012.

  1. jimjam321

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    Hi I was looking at the ra-tech weapons and fell in love with the ra-tech m14 socom
    I was wondering if anyone has ordered from this website in the united states and actually got their order because I don't want to pay the price and get this gun held by customs and was also wondering what kind of shipping price it would cost
  2. Steeljaw36

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    I've ordered parts from them before, got them with no issues. Haven't heard of anyone who ordered a full gun from them though. Also one thing to note here is that I don't see the biggest problem with the WE M14 being addressed in the description. The OEM trigger housing is made of pot metal and in short, it WILL break after medium usage. I'd certianly recommend the WE M14 (esp one that has gotten a few RA tech upgrades already), but keep in mind you want to either find RA tech's full trigger setup (all steel) or at LEAST, thier trigger housing.
    As for shipping, well it's overseas and the whole gun is likely to weigh around 8-9 lbs....

  3. jimjam321

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    Well ordering parts is better than nothing I think I'll give my order a try but I'll switch it to the ebr version that has the steel trigger set for $200 more just have to wait till I get the money to get it. Not looking forward to the shipping though...