Radio Antenna Relocation Cables

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    Selling custom radio antenna relocation cables that you can route through your gear. They are available at

    I do not use cheap Chinese components and I test all of the cables before they go out.

    You can get them in lengths between 10" and 60" long and you have the following choices:

    Radio Side Connector:
    • BNC Male
    • SMA Female (typical on motorola, kenwood, icom & baofeng radios)
    • TNC Female (typical on AN-PRC clones)
    Antenna Side Connector:
    • BNC Female
    • SMA Male (typical on motorola, kenwood, icom & baofeng radios)
    • TNC Male (typical on AN-PRC clones)
    Sleeving Colors:
    • Black
    • Coyote Brown
    • O.D. Green
    • Desert Tan
    • Woodland Camo
    If you have any questions, let me know.

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