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Is your motor super loose inside the pistol grip by any chance?

I saw some similar wear on the bevel gear like that once a few years ago on my brother's high speed ssg that I made for him. One day at the field in the middle of the game he told me there was a grinding noise coming from the gearbox so I told him to stop using it. When I took it apart, the bevel gear teeth was worn pretty much the same as yours, and I determined with some troubleshooting that the motor was way too loose and twisting inside the pistol grip and was contacting the bevel gear at a weird angle due to this.

You could literally hear the motor twisting and knocking the sides of the pistol grip everytime the gearbox was cycled. I should have caught that before a bevel gear was sacrificed, but I was younger and didn't know or realize that much at the time. Lesson learned though.

I ended up putting layers of electrical tape on either side of the inside of the pistol grip to hold the motor tighter, although I do realize the heat will increase when doing this. Oh well. If anyone has a better way to fix that problem let me know, but it seems to have worked for now. I did the same treatment to my high speed m16 so the same thing doesn't happen.

It does seem like you have done a lot of troubleshooting already and probably don't have this problem, but I just thought I would through out a suggestion. Good luck.
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