RC robot for CQB and Milsim

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    Manchester (UK) / Wroclaw (Poland)
    I'm a former airsofter and now work as robotics engineer in a young startup.

    We designed a robot similar to the ones used by bomb-squads. It drives wireless via WiFi, is waterproof and as it weights only 18 lbs with its 4hr of driving it can be used as a personal assistant.
    Essentially, it could be used in CQB, in 'battle' photography or even as scout platform for Milsim.

    As the rover is so robust I figured out, we could find some feedback in airsoft community.

    We are looking for people to perform test-mission remotely via Internet. You'd sit and relax in front of your computer and perform some tasks driving a rover located in Poland: investigate the spot, collect a bomb (using the gripper) or drive through terrain traversal.

    If you are interested just write me a PM or write below - we'll figure out a schedule to meet.

    To see more:

    Hope this post won't be regarded as spam or ad, but if you find it inappropriate - could you tell me where to move it or who to ask for permission? :D

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    Just seems like a trip hazard in a CQB enviornment...

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    PM'd you. Would be interested in conducting an evaluation and learning about the systems capabilities.

    TheFallenHero, mind explaining your comment?
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