Real Sword SVD question

Discussion in 'Electric Guns' started by TheGreatMrPoo, Nov 11, 2012.

  1. TheGreatMrPoo

    TheGreatMrPoo New Member

    Does anyone know if any of the clone SVD's are magazine compatible with Real Sword?
  2. naamtune

    naamtune New Member

    I know for sure that the spring A&K mags are not compatible. I own the A&K spring and the RS AEG SVD. I've also tried to use my friend's CYMA SVD with the RS SVD and that didn't work. I think the Atoz might be compatible with RS, but I can't confirm that.

  3. muntjac13

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    Foster City
    Mags for spring SVD mags are NOT compatible with the Real Sword SVD. I have heard that the aeg clones (CYMA and S&T) mags will fit with the tiniest bit of modification. That is filing down the bottom of the front tab (the one that hooks onto the front of the magwell) down a couple millimeters and it should fit. That is what I have heard but cannot verify yet. AtoZ is a spring svd so it will not fit