Rear sight help.

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    I have this front end on my gun:

    and AirsoftGI was kind enough to not include the mounting hardware for the rear sight:eek:. Does anyone know of any place where mounting hardware can be found in Canada. It is an A.R.M.S 40L replica sight i believe.

    It would also be helpful if someone could let me know where to find a sight that would fit behind the extended rail on the conversion kit, again preferably in Canada.

    Rear sight rail space: 20121025_175756.jpg

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    The hardware is already there. Just loosen the screw, put on the rail and then tighten. As for the area, you want to move your optic forward enouh to fit the rear sight. That's where the optics are used so that if they go down you have your irons

  3. xXTacoMcFacoXx

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    Image from google of 40l sight.

    arms 40l.jpg

    The hardware seen on the bottom left of the sight in this photo was not included with my sight:

    On this setup the sight actually mounts on the back of the rail thats on the actual receiver. Not the upper rail. Shown here:

    sight mounting.jpg