Rear wiring a front wired M4

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    Hi guys,
    As you may have noticed my M4 is gonna be great. As I am interested in the sniper look I would like an M16 stock like this:
    EbairSoft Airsoft parts & Tactical Gear - M16 M4 Battery Crane Stock BLACK SSS00007
    But what's the point in getting that if I don't have a rear-wired gun as it is so much more practical for dismantling?
    So I would now like to rewire my M4 and ebairsoft have recently added this to their shelves:
    If I were to follow the right steps as shown in the | Airsoft repair and upgrades videos would this wiring kit work successfully?

    ps. When I add this kit to my gun don't forget to check the pics :D
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    u dont need that just go to a hardware store and get but splices and wire and electrical tape and u will b good