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    Hey all,

    So I was putting together the gameplay footage form Theta's Copperhead Road IV, I realized to the viewers it will seem like I'm just a crazy dude talking to my self because I used a headset instead of a open speaker for my comms. So for the next game I would like to use a head set again it worked so much better then the speaker, But I need to record incoming transmissions. Any thoughts? Any Kind of adapter I can hook between my radio and headset to run to a voice recorder?

    SIDE NOTE: atleast some gameplay for copperhead road should be up tonight. Be sure to check it out and tell me what you think
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    Low tech solution: Acquire another radio and fandangle a recorder by the speaker.

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    6Milly has the right idea. You could use a Y but it will get real complicated really fast.

    If you can solve the splitter thing, you could add a simple earphone, and glue it near the mic on your camera. Loud enough to record, but not so loud it gives you away. Resolves impedance issues.