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Discussion in 'Florida Airsoft Forum' started by mockingshot, Aug 10, 2012.

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    I'm 14 turning 15 in 3 weeks. I have been playing for 8months. I run ABUs and ACU CR but plan to change and can change for team. I will soon have a VFC Noveske 14.5 inch AEG. Im not a leader and takes the long routes around the opposing team. I rush and rush all day long. I'm pretty fit and can run pretty long with my lightish load. I'm an hour north of Tampa and around plant city which is my closest field(BTA). Send me a PM if your interested in recruiting me.
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    Just a recommendation go to games and play with people. Try to hook up with people your age and see if you can join there team. Joining up some random team via online is not the greatest plan.
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    What deathmechanic said would be best. Unless you have a group of guys you've Airsofted with since the beginning. Then you guys could even start a team? It's what I did, so far it's worked out great.
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    I have but they lost interest and I left them. Next game I'm going for sure.
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    Ryan none of us have lost interest in trying to make a team we were waiting for the logo to be made and it just stopped happening if any one lost interest it was you because you are the one that quit talking about that and it would be easy to start a team now cause Eric plays with his friends and we can add them to the team that apparently doesn't exist any more to you.
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    Regardless, the best way to find players or a team is to get on the field. In all honesty, and take no offense in this, but posted your "airsoft resume" online is pointless. You'll meet friends online, but it doesn't directly correlate to anything on the field.

    Also keep in mind it is the summer, and it's summer in FLorida, which equates to stupid high temperatures and other things that make playing extremely uncomfortable.

    This is something YOU need to take to PM (off the public forum). Regardless of the situation or background, take this conversation private.