Red dot wont sight in?

Discussion in 'General Accessory Discussion' started by slipknot2302, Nov 8, 2012.

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    Hi guys, am I the only one having major issues with being able to sight in a red dot? Trouble is, all the optics I've bought under 100 dollars, refuse to be sighted in. What I mean is, the dot won't move to the middle. It seems the dot will go down slightly when turning the right knob, and slightly up for the left. As a result, the dot will not go in the middle. It has happened with each and every optic, and is getting on my nerves. Now before anyone says I don't know whatim doing, I have sighted in numerous scopes before, easily n an someone please help me?
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    When sighting a red dot in, you're not moving the dot to the center of the scope. You're moving the dot to the Point of impact on the target. Get a target set up and bench (preferably vise) your rifle. Fire a shot and see where it hits. If it hits low, move your red dot accordingly. Rinse and repeat.

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    if your elevation knob only moves down and your windage knob only moves up, return the optic because its faulty....
    also , what optic do you have that has an adjustment on both sides and not top and side?
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    depending on the red dot, if you don't have enough adjustment to zero in the sight, then you can open up the red dot and put spacers on the adjuster (tube type red dots are easy to open up). i do this with some of my T1 brands. there are other types of red dots that will be difficult to open up.
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    Alright, thanks guys. (20 minutes left of break)