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  1. rordog545454

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    we are a new team located in medinah home of the ryder cup. but anyways we are looking for players from age 9-16. we will meet at my field almost every weekend. my field is 20 acres. you also must have a good gun not little crappy guns. just message me for more info and will let you know when we are practicing and if you on the team. we might go to some compitions if we are ready for it
  2. sirwilly

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    look anyone is ready for compitions theres always going to be noobs skilled and in between try out blackops feb 16th theres give aways free food and raffles. Blackops airsoft in zion il every field owner will say the same

  3. AirsoftDan

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    Glen Ellyn
    PLEASE could I have some info on the field? A couple of friends and I have been working on starting an airsoft team, and have REALLY been struggling to find a place to play/practice, and I'm wondering if you might let us practice on your field. Plus I am possibly interested in scheduling a game against you.
    Have a nice day! :D