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    I'm currently working on a project gun for a friend of mine and i thought id post something here for everyone to make suggestions or help with anything i've missed.
    Recently a friend of mine decided to get into the sport and he asked if i could find him a gun, AK was his preference and by chance i found a Redstar AK on the classifieds. I was notified that it was in need of a new motor and my friend and i talked and we decided on a torque motor because he didn't want a high speed gun, and he wasn't going to buy high torque gears. After receiving the gun i decided to talk with him about upgrading all the internals and he agreed as long as i keep it relatively cheap. I looked around and compiled a parts list and told him that as long as he mentions me to anyone he finds that's looking for work I wont charge him for labor and give him $50 off the cost of parts.
    So here is my list of parts to order come Friday and hopefully everything goes in smoothly.
    ASG Ultimate Cylinder Head
    Matrix CNC Air Seal Nozzle
    Madbull PX-02 Piston
    King Arms 7mm Bearings
    APS AK Rear Wired Trigger and FET Set
    Madbull Shark Bucking
    Madbull Black Python 6.03x455mm Barrel
    Deans Plugs
    and assorted cosmetic parts
    The gearbox was already upgraded with an aluminum bearing piston head, Bravo Piston, obviously not stock spring, and ball bearing spring guide.
    I've also decided to give him my soft case and let him use one of my aimpoint replicas till he decides if he wants to buy his own. I figure it cant hurt to be nice to a friend especially since hes basically advertising for me.
    So post any and all thoughts or recommendations, i'm always keeping tabs on this site.
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    Budget change, looking at SHS parts.