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    I'm trying to repair a Thompson gearbox, I ran across a website that has the parts but I want to know if anyone has ever heard of or even used the following website Also I would like to know any additional information if anyone has any thanks
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    I have never heard of it, not saying it's a bad or unreliable site, just that I'm unfamiliar with it. I typically buy my parts from brill If you want to find out if it's Legit and reliable, just google (for example) is Airsoft gun reliable and there will be threads on sites about it. :) cheers

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    I tried ordering stuff here for a customer... It's a no go. I ordered parts and weeks later it still hadn't shipped apparently they were out of stock. I still got a refund I do not recommend this website though
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    Not recommending a site just because their stock isn't up to date isn't really a great reason. The Big 5 do it all the time. Evike is notorious for having items on Back-Order and often not telling the customer until THEY reach out to the retailer and inquire.

    Personally, if you're looking for tech work, I'd stick to the larger more well known shops or even something local than a small unknown shop a good distance away. Taking a short drive is easy, as is getting someone at a large retailer to answer their phone or respond to an email.

    OP, the store looks to be a garage store, that is to say it's ran out of someone's home/garage. Nothing at all wrong with that, quite a few online retailers are ran the same way and do quite well. In fact 4 of my favorite stores aren't ran from a traditional brick and mortar store.

    I see a few complaints about the store not sending, and others giving decent reviews.

    If you want my 2 cents regarding buying parts from the retailer, shoot him an email first simply asking if he has part ABC and XYZ in stock and ready to ship. I do it all the time with big and small retailers.
    Though if you just up and purchase something, make sure you purchase through a third-party vendor that you can easily dispute the transaction if there happens to be a problem. This is the reason I REFUSE to buy from ANY retailer that doesn't support Paypal or similar service.

    Regarding sending your gun there to have it worked on, I wouldn't. Simply because disputing and getting a refund for an item is one thing, but trying to get a gun back that you sent is a totally different story, even with tracking and shipping confirmations.

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