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    Hello everyone! I'm looking to play a new game type at one of my weekly games. I was looking for a game type that was going to last a long time, would have little to no down time (needs unlimited respawns), and that will focus all the players into a particular area to prevent camping. I have a few game ideas in mind. Traditionally, we have respawn rules that involve walking a certain distance backwards to spawn. Not too find of this, but it is the quickest way to bring all players back in the action. Medic games don't usually work too well where I live, as the cover here is sparse. Anyways, I'm just looking for some unique ways to bring players back to the action that will be both fair and fun. What are some of the spawn rules you guys have come up with?
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    If the game is becoming exceptionally lop-sided, the cadre (admin, refs, hosts, etc...) will lower the time for the overwhelmed side.
    Typically we use 5 minutes, but have had the time dropped to as little as 2 minutes to help speed the game along.

    We have also used # of players in respawn to simulate a redeployment or reinforcements. When there are 5+ people in respawn at any given time, all players in respawn are released regardless of time. Seems to work really well.

    We also specify no engagement within 100' (or 200' depending on field) of respawn to prevent spawn camping.

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    having a timed respwn (general not per person) works well. 2-5 min depending on game type. Objective based games like capture the flag or the bomb game are good for drawing crowds to areas. Ref hides the bomb, both teams have to find it. one arms it teh other disarms it...
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    These are some awesome ideas! I hope to try then on the field this weekend! Thanks everyone
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    Our CQB Field uses timed respawns, depending on team sizes, its either on the Even Minutes, or every 5. 5 mins can be BRUTAL if you walk in just after a 5 or 0 rolled around. 2 mins seems to be the best all around thus far.