Resurrection Airsoft- Sept. 8th(Cookeville)

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    When:September 8th, 9:30 (Check-in) to 3:30

    Where: The Property of The River Community Church, 1200 Miracle Rd, Cookeville, Tn 38501

    Dress Requirements:
    There are no specific uniform requirements, teams are separated with red and blue arm bands. Ideal clothing would be full coverage, but light-weight with ventilation. Boots with ankle support would be a good idea. ANSI Z87.1-2003 compliant safety glasses are the minimum acceptable eye protection, but full-face protection is encouraged.

    Rules and FPS Limits: Please refer to our website @

    The church has asked us to start using biodegradable bb's, please honor this request if you come, this is the only thing the church asks of us in order to use their property for airsoft.

    Food: We will not be serving or providing any food or drink other than free water. We will take a lunch break from 12:30 to about 1:15, there are a number of restaurants within a 5 minute radius of the church property or you could just bring a sack lunch.

    What will the game play be like? We run short scenarios ranging from 30 minute trigger happy scrambles utilizing only small portion of the field, to hour long scenarios utilizing strategy and the better part of 18 acres of dense forest.

    Cost: The game is free to play, if you don’t bring your own death rag, you will need buy one from us for $1. Otherwise there is no monetary cost for playing the game.

    I think that covers the basics, if you have any more questions about this game day PM me.

    If you think you might come, please reply to this thread so I can get an idea of a head count.
    If you’ve come to Resurrection Airsoft games in the past and want to help us be able to continue hosting and improving the game days, you can do this be helping us collect some materials we use for each game day. If it’s possible for you to support us in this way, it would be greatly appreciated.

    Materials we need:
    Marking Spray paint (as in the bright neon/fluorescent varieties)
    Duct tape (Fluorescent orange & red, we’re not collecting blue as I think we’ll be ditching that team color and going to something else)
    Canned Air Horns (Like you use at sports games or on boats)
    Assorted Ropes and Twines (Nothing too fancy, we use red and blue poly rope you can get at the Dollar Tree, Jute twine for sign hanging, and neon mason’s line for trail marking)
    AA & AAA batteries

    The death rag money goes towards buying this stuff, but the income flow has not kept up with the cost of materials. I want to keep the games free so I would rather ask for materials than money.
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    Sign me up! As always :)

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    This game will start at 11:00 and end at 4:30, due forecast rain in the morning.

    Ignore the times on the flyer.