Retro Arms bushing/bearing holes are badly off?

Discussion in 'Gun Building, Modifications & Repairs' started by Ben3721, Sep 1, 2021.

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    Maybe just "Bad Gearbox Syndrome".
  2. Ben3721

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    The name "Retro Arms" basically sums it up.

    Their design team obviously is not mechanically inclined to allow such neglect to go unnoticed for 40000 shells.

    That means over 40000 damaged gearsets, a good amount were likely seigeteks unfortunately.

    I will say tho, these 10:1 ssg seigetek gears (i short stroked 2 on pickup, 1 on release) are insanely nice. No overspin, high rps and hpa like trigger response. And to think the dsg ones are even faster lol

    They finally can run without resistance.

  3. Squad144

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    Ocean Springs
    Is this man just lucky?
  4. OPairoft

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    Could easily have been a newer or slightly older batch that didn’t have a Friday night qc.
  5. Ben3721

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    It has nothing to do with luck or being defective, every listing photo has the holes off visibly.

    Technically you could use a very loose fitting motor tower and give the bevel a very loose fitting shim job to compensate. But might as well use a stock shell and shim horribly at that point.

    A short test video show casing a build doesn't represent its reliability long term. I have nothing against those kinds of short videos but shooting a mag off is different than 30k rounds.

    So far my build with the replacement zinc shell is working fine. It indeed was the flaw in the retro arms shell that caused my issues.
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    They didn't even bother to fix the listing pictures? That's bad. Hopefully bringing awareness to this issue will jeopardize their customer base and either force them to change or make way for another seller.

    Either way, publicity will hurt them significantly, but they should have thought of that before shipping them out.
  7. Ben3721

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    To fix the listing pictures they would need to fix their shells first. Which clearly they don't have any intent to do so. They blew me and my proof off so that's their loss.

    Edit: also even if I was to discourage 20 sales, it would be nothing compared to what they sell to big retailers like evike. Which 90% of those buyers know very little about proper teching and just throw expensive parts into the shell and hope it works. Little do they know money doesn't always buy quality.
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    ^Which translates to American Consumerism does not apply.