Review - Clawgear Mission Sensor mk II watch

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    Hey Guys!

    Here is my review of the Claw Gear Mission Sensor mkII watch.

    The mission sensor mk II comes in a neat black box that hints the design of the watch.
    Inside we find the watch and an instruction manual.

    We immediately notice that the mission sensor II has a slightly different design than its first version.
    The face of the watch is now in matte black instead of glossy that can cause unwanted reflections.

    A nice tear resistant rubber bracelet will provide you with a comfortable feeling under any circumstance.

    Clawgear kept the high density polycarbonate case, wind directions, button placement and functions the same.
    These functions are:
    - Digital compass
    - Altimeter
    - Barometer
    - Alarm
    - Chrono
    - Countdown
    - Alternative time
    - Backlight

    Everything works fine, just remember than you need to calibrate and set up properly before use.

    Everything from simple setup to advanced functions like the configuration of the Magnetic Declination is explained in the complete and clear instruction manual.

    The biggest update, and one that was highly needed is the hardened acryl glass making it scratch resistant.
    After a good year of usage, this was the only real let-down on the first version of the mission sensor as you can see.

    The back of the watch has stainless steel engraved plate housing the battery.
    Again, clawgear designed it with the 4 screws to take it off instead of the unhandy twist plates you find on most watches.

    On the mk II, the only negative remark i can give is the accuracy of the thermometer.
    It still picks up too much of the body temperature instead of environment temperature.
    For an accurate reading you need to take off the watch for a short period.

    Overall this watch has improved nicely thanks to the simple changes in design and the anti scratch glass.
    For its price, you can only be very satisfied!

    You can check out the video review at