Review - Pirate Arms M4 Outer barrel

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    Hi guys,

    I have another written review for you all :)

    This one is about the Pirate Arms m4 outer barrel.

    The barrel is made out of aluminum and has a nice black finish.

    What I like about this barrel, is that it’s a CQB and Carbine length.
    You can screw off the front part of the Carbine barrel making it CQB length.

    This way you can use the carbine with a long inner barrel for outdoor play and screw off the extender and use it with a short inner barrel for indoor play if you like.



    CQB with silencer:

    The threading on the barrel takes a CCW flashhider

    Installation is simple!
    The barrel will fit most brands of upper receivers perfectly!
    You just swap it with your original barrel and tighten the barrel nut over it.

    Be warned that this barrel will not fit inside Tokyo Marui next generation AEG’s because they use proprietary barrels.

    This barrel is also available in a silver colored version.

    If you are looking for a cheaper option for a Carbine and/or CQB barrel this Pirate Arms version is certainly something to check out!
    I am really satisfied with its quality for the price.