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    Hi guys its me. The crazy kid who bought a bad sniper gun. Not important. I'm wanting a metal revolver that runs on CO2 and not green gas. I can access co2 better than green gas. I want the revolver for a backup when sniping.
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    Any airsoft revolver that runs on Co2 is too powerfull to be used in a skirmish.
    They are all 400+ FPS with 0.2g

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    Why not green gas? You can get a propane adapter for it for about $12-20 and the propane Coleman tanks are like $3 and can last you for 50-90 games or less. While CO2 runs for about $10 for a 20 pack that should last you for 20 games or so.

    All you have to do is make sure you lube your replica every 5 or 6 fills to ensure that the o-rings don't dry out and crack.
    I personally run 1 hfc black hawk with 2 mags, and my FPG or now an mp7 in my loadout and I'll use maybe 2 tanks per year with an average of 200 game days a year (That includes team trainings and live games).
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    Look into the WinGun revolver series.
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    Sometimes, the most obvious answer is the one right in front of you...
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    Go propane! And y a revolver? 6 shots in airsoft is nothing.

    I had one and hated using it. It was badass for target shooting but in a game it was too large and always got in my way, didn't fit in my regular holster, carrying handfuls of shells got quite annoying, reloading was a big pain and took way too long, and since the gas is stored in the gun instead of the mag you have to carry around your gas.

    You really should get something else. Maybe an smg like an mp7. Mac10 or 11, or tmp. It will be much more effective against an aeg than any
    revolver ( unless your John Marston)

    Or carry a small aeg like an ak74, mp5k, or stubby killer.
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    Yea, revolvers look cool as all get out, but they are impractical to use. Only 6 shots, and you have shells that are expensive and can get lost easily. Also, like mentioned earlier, co2 is way too powerful to use.

    If you want a realistic gun, there are some great all metal gbb for under $100. Try searching on airsplat, evike, or airsoftgi. Those are great sites to shop on for airsoft stuff.
  8. Munishin

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    There's gas revolvers that hold 20 or so rounds. But, were talking about the Tanaka, Marushins, other high end revolvers.