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Richman992’s AK Builds Thread

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I'm creating this thread as a way to keep track of progress in my builds, and have everything in one place. It will help me organize and see a timeline of things, and also opens things up for questions or suggestions.

With that out of the way, this is the current project:

Line Air gun Font Trigger Engineering

Water Trigger Font Air gun Engineering

If you've played the Nuka-World expansion of Fallout 4, you probably recognize this gun. I've flipped the images because in the game, the charging handle and selector switch are on the left side of the gun. Since I don't have the ability to make a new receiver/bolt, I'll have to get as close as possible with the E&L AKM receiver I have:

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Gun barrel

I was fortunate enough to have the handguard and suppressor on hand already. Thanks to Craigslist, I was able to score a beat up shovel to steal the handle from. Mounting the "stock" was very easy, once I cut it down I simply marked where the rear trunnion goes into the stock, and bored it out until it was a tight fit.

The next thing I'll be doing towards this build is a mag conversion. I managed to get my hands on a real steel slabside magazine, so I will be converting that into an airsoft magazine for this. I'll be practicing on a couple Chinese magazines before I cut into the slabside, though. I'll be taking pictures throughout the process for anyone curious about doing their own conversions.

I'm also currently working on an Aftermath Kraken for a teammate. The goal with this one is pretty simple, he just wants it to be a "sleeper" with better response and a higher ROF. It will get the basic HT motor, 13:1, reshim/aoe that I do with most of my personal guns. I managed to pull it all apart today to get started, and was greeted by yet another Cyma gearbox:

Light String instrument accessory Red Material property Trigger

Guitar accessory String instrument Audio equipment Crankset Auto part

At least I'll have spare shims for the rebuild.
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This. This is now my favorite thread. Awesome stuff Richman. Following!
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