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Richman992’s AK Builds Thread

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I'm creating this thread as a way to keep track of progress in my builds, and have everything in one place. It will help me organize and see a timeline of things, and also opens things up for questions or suggestions.

With that out of the way, this is the current project:

Line Air gun Font Trigger Engineering

Water Trigger Font Air gun Engineering

If you've played the Nuka-World expansion of Fallout 4, you probably recognize this gun. I've flipped the images because in the game, the charging handle and selector switch are on the left side of the gun. Since I don't have the ability to make a new receiver/bolt, I'll have to get as close as possible with the E&L AKM receiver I have:

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Gun barrel

I was fortunate enough to have the handguard and suppressor on hand already. Thanks to Craigslist, I was able to score a beat up shovel to steal the handle from. Mounting the "stock" was very easy, once I cut it down I simply marked where the rear trunnion goes into the stock, and bored it out until it was a tight fit.

The next thing I'll be doing towards this build is a mag conversion. I managed to get my hands on a real steel slabside magazine, so I will be converting that into an airsoft magazine for this. I'll be practicing on a couple Chinese magazines before I cut into the slabside, though. I'll be taking pictures throughout the process for anyone curious about doing their own conversions.

I'm also currently working on an Aftermath Kraken for a teammate. The goal with this one is pretty simple, he just wants it to be a "sleeper" with better response and a higher ROF. It will get the basic HT motor, 13:1, reshim/aoe that I do with most of my personal guns. I managed to pull it all apart today to get started, and was greeted by yet another Cyma gearbox:

Light String instrument accessory Red Material property Trigger

Guitar accessory String instrument Audio equipment Crankset Auto part

At least I'll have spare shims for the rebuild.
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I was able to make some more progress on the Handmade Rifle build. I poached some internals from another E&L that is down for a external overhaul and got them installed. It's really nice to see this build starting to take shape.

Slabside conversion was also a success. I started getting low on time so I didn't get pictures this time, but I've still got more magazines to convert. Rather than use Cyma internals like I've seen others do, I opted for a D-day varicap. I think the feed better, and the variable capacity is just a nice bonus.

The receiver is also marked to drill for the side dovetail mount. For "authenticity" I'm going to rivet it on myself. It won't look factory, and that's what I want.

I also stumbled on someone selling more old farm tools, and found a pitchfork handle that looks EXACTLY like the one in the game. So it looks like I'll be pulling the current stock off and fitting this new one instead.

As it stands now, this is what is left:

-Attach dovetail mount
-Detail and attach wood pistol grip
-Redo shovel handle stock
-Make these E&L externals RUSTY
-Kill the Ghouls in Super-Duper Mart

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Shotgun


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Finally refinished the stock on my Cyma RPK-74. After a lot of thinking, I decided to do a Black Cherry/Ebony layered stain on the stock. I actually remembered to take pictures during the process this time for anyone interested in the process.

Musical instrument String instrument Wood String instrument accessory Musical instrument accessory

First steps are very easy. Sanded off the factory "terrible tan" stain. I then added a layer of Black Cherry stain. I personally apply my stain using a rag. After this layer dried, I sanded the whole piece again using 150/220 grit. I went heavier in some areas so the 2 stains would blend a little better.

I've now added a layer of the Ebony stain, and sanded once again. I wasn't anticipating how dark this particular stain was, so I knocked it down fairly heavily when I sanded again. I don't want pure black, but more of a dark plum color with notes of black.

Now here it is with the second layer of Black Cherry added. I think I actually overdid it on the previous sanding, so it turned out a little less black than I had hoped.

After finishing it with a glossy urethane, the stock looks great. I'm very pleased with the results, although I think my layering technique could still use improvement. Stock was also shimmed to the receiver, so no more wobbly stock!

And here is the final product, with newly mounted Zenitco RPK handguards. Despite its size this one is slowly becoming one of the favorites in my collection. It is also the first RPK I've owned!


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That shovel handles not the same.>:D ok I'm done being evil for now!
Air gun Wood Road surface Asphalt Tints and shades

That shovel handle was bothering me too…

Did you know you can post images directly in this:

Air gun Trigger Sports equipment Machine gun Wood
I attempted to edit the post… I think I made it worse. I use the mobile app on iPhone, I'll have to fix it from my laptop later.

Edit: I'm severely technologically impaired, so I guess those 5 pictures will just remain a mystery. The iPhone app has been updated, and attempts via laptop were also unsuccessful.


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What does that tag say in English?
It basically means "pull out/remove and die"
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Another small update. I was unhappy with the original (and incorrect) palmswell handguard, so it has been replaced with a surplus vented handguard. Looks MUCH closer to what I wanted.

I've also opted to just buy a spare receiver with a side mount. I'll probably fit that one with a separate, semi-locked gearbox as well as the scope and mount. Then I can switch between a field legal full auto receiver, or a higher FPS marksman setup.

I've also began the process of weathering the rifle. I used 220 grit sandpaper around the edges and raised points, and then used a scotch-brite scouring pad to blend it in. I also attacked the rifle with a variety of files, keys and random tools to get some random scratch/gouge marks on it.

I'm only having one issue- the one time I want an E&L to rust, it isn't! I will likely resort to a hydrogen peroxide solution. Has anyone had any luck with this method, or have any other suggestions?

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Gun accessory Wood

And Grim- the shovel handle IS red. Actually, more like WAS red. It's since rusted to more of a "worrisome bowel movement" color XD
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I've had poor luck finding the other E&L receiver I want for the handmade build, so it is being put on hold while I focus on another one I've been wanting to do for a veeeeeery long time:

Air gun Trigger Gun accessory Recreation Wood

Picture frame Wood Flooring Floor Machine

Yep, it's the RPK from COD Black Ops 1
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Upon digging out the game, as well as scouring the internet for reference pictures, I realized that the front handguards are in fact NOT wood. They are actually modeled after a extraordinarily rare ribbed bakelite handguard set. Finding them, especially with current events, would be nearly impossible and prohibitively expensive. As a result I was forced to learn about a fun (and surprisingly easy) process called "fakelite". Since I can't find NPO mags either, I tried it out on some MAG RPK midcaps first:

Brown Wood Machine Varnish Wood stain

Recreating an imperfect/random pattern was the most difficult part. These still need a coat of satin/matte clear coat but the finish is complete. Since the MAG midcaps are already a nice shade of brown, all I needed was a little stain and a lot of patience. I'm very pleased with the finish and will be proceeding to the handguards next.

I also spent a bit of time tracking down a Galil carry handle for this build. I'm still trying to brainstorm how I will attach it, but it will most definitely involve modifying both the handguard and the carry handle mount. Suggestions are welcome. I'm contemplating grinding it flat and reshaping it so it can sit in between the handguard and receiver. Or possibly cutting off the carry handle and welding or riveting it to the rear sight block. I won't be carrying it by the handle, it's purely for aesthetics.
Body jewelry Jewellery Wood Asphalt Audio equipment
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Anyone made a VZ. 58?
It looks like Ares makes one, it would be kinda cool to see one with the real "beaver barf" bakelite furniture. Something about the VZ 58 has always looked weird to me though
Was the shovel AK in that game inspired by the infamous shovel AK build by Boris?
It has to be, they have the exact same heavy barrel available as an option in the game too. I really wanted to make the receiver on mine as well, but I don't currently have the facilities for that level of metal work. I'm holding on to the shovel head just in case…
Fake Bakelite handguards are done. Spent more time than I would like to admit trying to get a design I was happy with on them. Had to tap the brush into all the ridges and lines so there wasn't a bunch of ugly dark spots. They're a bit darker than what's in the game but it matches the LCT slim bakelite grip better. Also took the time to reshim, correct AOE and install a Gate Titan while I had it apart. The LCT Slim motors sit very "low" in the gearbox and ABSOLUTELY require careful reshimming to run properly.

Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel

Wood Musical instrument Office supplies Rectangle Font

Brown Musical instrument Wood Flooring Rectangle

I've also decided how I want to attack the rear sight block. I will be cutting the carry handle at the line, and then smoothing out the shaded area so it can be welded onto the rear sight block. I don't trust JB Weld for this one. The sight block will also be modified to remove the tangs for the rear sight.

Metal Fashion accessory Kitchen utensil Superfood Natural material
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I haven't made any progress on the RPK since last posting, but had to come here and share something I stumbled upon today. It's also a good excuse to show off the newest addition to my arsenal (Guges, thank you again for getting this one to me!!!)

Was picking up motor oil and a filter at Advance Auto and happened to walk past the "stupid cheesy crap" aisle and something in the vinyl wraps for interior trim caught my eye…

The solution for fake bakelite! This was my first time wrapping anything, and I won't lie, I struggled quite a bit. It took a few tries, and I burned my fingers on my heat gun, but it was SOOO worth it. Hopefully this helps any AK guys with a hankering for bakelite- you could probably wrap just about anything with this stuff!

Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel

Brown Wood Rectangle Font Wood stain
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Back again, this time just to show off something I threw together recently. I've got a friend who is attending the Geigerlands event with me, so it only seemed right that I make him a handmade rifle too. We took a little more creative liberty with this one. Base model is a Cyma Romanian AK. Modification was done to the rear trunnion, so the "stock" actually extends into the receiver similar to a real AK (it actually butts up to the gearbox, with a small channel carved out so the selector plate can still go to semi auto)

Air gun Trigger Wood Machine gun Gun barrel
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Well, I finally got the proper magazine converted for the RPK build! I wish these 40 round magazines weren’t prohibitively expensive/rare or I would have done a bunch of them. I really love how it looks in all of my 7.62 AK’s.

Now that I’ve got the time again, I’ve also been working on a few other very unique builds that I’m looking forward to sharing with you guys soon. As always, any questions, comments or suggestions are welcome. I’m always eager to try new things!

Air gun Wood Trigger Shotgun Gun barrel
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Who makes that 40 Round Replica?
It’s a real bakelite shell I converted to use the D-Day Varicap internals. Those D-Day mags are wonderful for conversions, they’re easy to modify and feed more reliably than any other AK mag I’ve tried to date. I’ll be using them for a few more conversions in the near future!
Here’s another one I’ve been working on lately! This poor little gun has been through so many transformations, but I think I might have finally found a look I’ll stick with. I jokingly call this one “Half Baked”

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Gun barrel Wood

Air gun Trigger Machine gun Wood Gun barrel

Tire Automotive tire Bicycle part Wheel Rim

It started out as an LCT TX Baby, but that apparently wasn’t good enough so I’ve now spent the last year and a half trying out all sorts of different accessories and stocks for it. The internals weren’t left untouched either, it’s been rebuilt at least 3 times internally. It’s never let me down, rather I wanted to tone it back as it was previously shooting ~318 FPS @ 52 RPS.

For anyone interested, here’s a current build list (to the best of my recollection, I may have left some things out)

-SHS 18:1 DSG
-SHS lightweight piston
-SP 150 spring
-LCT compression parts
-Gate Aster Advanced
-Maple Leaf MR HOP & Omega nub
-Steel inner barrel (cannot remember brand)
-LCT slim high torque motor
-Retro Arms trigger
-FLT Bushings

-PPS Bizon top/side folding stock
-BOLT AKSU receiver
-LCT slim “fakelite” grip
-Asura Dynamics selector switch
-Cyma charging handle extension
-Hephaestus AKSU optic mount
-Strike Industries AK trax lower handguard
-BOLT AKSU upper handguard (“fakelite” vinyl wrapped)
-Zenitco B25U and Repro RK-0
-Repro Klesch 2P light
-Cyma battery box
-Repro JMAC LAF muzzle brake

Any suggestions for an optic? I thought maybe a Kobra sight would fit the aesthetic really nicely. The Hephaestus mount is currently there for either a scope protector or if I choose to run an RMR.

Update: The Kobra does fit the aesthetic nicely (and so did switching back to the RK-3 Slim)

View attachment 280178
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Another one is fully complete, after a long, tiring search for green Zenitco furniture and a matching green sight. Of everything I’ve built, this one is actually my personal favorite. It’s also my favorite to take to games, despite it being severely front heavy. The initial inspiration for this build came from an AK47 setup I was using in COD Cold War Zombies (if that gives you an idea of how long I’ve been searching for all the parts). The base model is a Spartan/E&L Romanian AK.


-Unknown steel flash hider
-5KU B-30U (tan)
-Zenitco B-19 (green)
-Screw collars from DL-1 kit (black)
-WADSN Klesch 2U light (black)
-Zenitco RK-4 (green)
-Zenitco B-2 (green)
-Zenitco A-2L (tan)
-Matrix PEQ 1 battery box (black)
-Unknown B-33 Repro (black)
-LCT Full Size bolt carrier/gas piston
-EFLX Red Dot
-5KU RP-1 (tan)
-PTS US Palm AEG grip (tan)
-AMD65Tech Cheek Riser for wire stock
-Green “Paki Tape” stock wrap
-Tan GP-25 style butt pad


-E&L QCS Shell
-CYMA Bushings
-LCT compression parts
-SHS Lightweight piston
-SHS 13:1 Gearset
-Tienly 25K motor
-LCT M120 Spring (recently swapped from m100)
-JeffTron Leviathan V3
-Retro Arms trigger (green)
-Stock LCT barrel
-Maple leaf MR hop and omega tensioner
-E&L platinum hop up chamber

I’m sure I’ll eventually swap out the stock LCT barrel I used in this gun but for now it has performed extraordinarily well so I’m just leaving it alone (if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it). The internals were composed of a lot of spare parts I had on hand, and I was pleasantly surprised with the results.

Another small word on the internals- the V3 Leviathan. I love it! If you’ve ever installed a Gate Titan or Aster into an AK, you know how mushy and “dead” they make the trigger feel. The Leviathan includes an additional trigger spring that simulates the break and reset of an actual firearm. I can’t even begin to describe how satisfying it makes the trigger pull!

Anyways, here’s a couple pics of it, as well as the initial inspiration!

Bow Satellite Astronomical object Space station Spacecraft

Air gun Shotgun Trigger Gun barrel Bag

Trigger Wood Air gun Gun barrel Electric blue
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Like usual figured I’d randomly pop in here to show you guys another abomination. Sometimes I’ll go through and organize my parts bins and boxes, and the ideas will start to flow. It happened again about two weeks ago with this LCT keymod handguard

Gas Metal Font Electric blue Musical instrument

Apologies for the poor quality picture, I had to pull it from an old parts sale post (I’ve tried to sell this thing for months with no success). I never really used it as it wasn’t compatible with any of the gas tubes I had- or so I thought! I found a spare gas tube from an LCT TX Baby, and realized it would work, but not as a long handguard.

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Gun barrel Shotgun

These are rough, unfinished cuts, but it gave me the confidence to keep going. And as you can see, I also had some spare RPK parts in my bins. I decided I had to have a mini RPK. But there was nowhere on the barrel to mount the RPK bipod, and I wasn’t going to cheap out and get a rail mounted bipod either. The solution was a steel barrel extension, which of course was too thick. I don’t have a lathe, so I filed this down by hand and cold blued it. It’s rough, but also won’t ever be seen.

Purple Violet Material property Magenta Electric blue

And then hand filed/finished/painted the handguard cuts.

Trigger Bicycle part Gun barrel Gun accessory Cylinder

And here’s the finished product:

Machine gun Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun

Machine gun Air gun Trigger Shotgun Wood

As you can see, it’s considerably shorter than a standard RPK. But due to that, you actually end up with more ground clearance for longer RPK magazines (which is important since due to the design constraints I can’t swivel or stow the bipod). Upon writing this I just realized that even the obnoxious LCT mag clears the ground.

Air gun Trigger Wood Gun barrel Machine gun

Internals were mostly untouched, short of a spring downgrade and packing upgrade. It’s mostly just stock LCT parts. Since my local field regulates full auto use by FPS and not gun model, I toned it down to meet those requirements. However, I understand and agree that for most fields or events, this is completely unfair to be used as a LMG and wouldn’t be allowed.

Anyways, hope you guys enjoy it! It was a spur of the moment idea that I ran with, and was a great way to utilize parts that would’ve otherwise been forgotten.
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Completed a pretty cool little project today! After searching for the better part of a year, I managed to score a Rusak sight!

Guitar accessory String instrument Wood String instrument accessory String instrument

I didn’t like how it sat on the adapters, as the sight is originally made to be used on 11mm dovetail rails. I removed the original mounts, and drilled the Rusak so it can be mounted to C-More Railway sight mounts (either picatinny or pistol mounts).

Rectangle Automotive exterior Bumper Gadget Auto part

Bumper Musical instrument accessory Automotive exterior Office equipment Gas

Air gun Trigger Gun barrel Machine gun Wood

Wood Flooring Audio equipment Musical instrument Electronic instrument

To say I’m pleased with the result wouldn’t be doing it justice, I’m absolutely thrilled with the final product! I also have to give a big thanks to comradequiche on Reddit, he was immensely helpful with his Rusak experience. He had mounted his to an AK side mount and shared photos of the process, which gave me a bit more confidence in hacking up a 30 year old sight. I’m constantly impressed and humbled by the knowledge I find in the airsoft community!
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I didn’t forget about this one… and now it’s finally done!

Air gun Gun accessory Trigger Composite material Gun barrel

Air gun Trigger Wood Shotgun Gun barrel

Air gun Machine gun Trigger Wood Shotgun

Automotive tire Wood Bicycle part Gas Bicycle handlebar

I’ve been working on this one for a reeeeeaaaalllyyy long time so I won’t bore you all to death with the details. Instead, here’s a few things to keep in mind should you decide you want to recreate this gun:

-The magazine is technically incorrect, however a 5.45 magazine looked too straight so I chose to go with a 7.62 version instead.

-I should have done more than 2 coats of clear coat on the handguards, the fakelite has scratched off in places from storing and handling.

-The carry handle is “backwards” due to how I cut and shaped it to weld it to the rear sight block. However welding it this way allows for more surface area for the welds. I can carry it by the handle without worrying.

-The pistol grip should be wood, however I personally thought the LCT “bakelite” looked better.

The best part is that I have a spare rear sight block, dust cover and standard RPK furniture/receiver so I can easily revert this gun back to a normal RPK-47!
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