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Ridiculous "Deals" Thread

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Post here any funny, unrealistic, or just downright pitiful sale links here.

Examples might include cheap guns with outrageous starting bids, reserve prices or broken/incomplete auctions or even retailer listings.

(not the place for attacking or calling out forum users here, other sites might be acceptable unless the intention is to start a fight :) )
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$1300 for a pistol that's almost working. It's titled "Night Worrier". I guess I'd stay up nights worrying if I actually bought this.
Just trying to keep you updated on current events.
I saw these on the Red Wolf site a while back. I remember reading once that Red Wolf made these for rich folks in Asian countries that couldn't buy real guns. Not sure if that's true but if so, makes less sense for Evike to sell these in the US.
Maybe they're watching to see if anyone is dumb enough to buy it.
Anyone want a plastic bodied TM M4A1? Only $700 (plus $45.50 in shipping)! Maybe the seller is hoping that someone would confuse this with the recoil shock model. (And $700 is too much even for the RS model.)
Anyone want to buy an EBB pistol for $141? Includes 4 AA batteries. Or you could by a new TM GBB for about the same price. Hey, at least it's got trades...the "Dezart Eagle" (no joke - look at the pictures).
I was going to call this a "bait and switch" but it's too obviously dumb to be that...

If you really want one, you could buy one that isn't used from Evike for $100 less and without shipping charges from Japan.
Another eBay listing fail...also if this is the polymer version, it is more expensive than Evike is selling it for.

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But why are there 16 people watching?
Sometimes I watch ridiculous offers on eBay just to see if anyone got suckered in.
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$10 bucks says that you are one of the 16
Ha! You owe me $10! (But honestly it would have been 17 watchers if I saw this during one of my frequent eBay check ins).
According to the listing, it's a "Calico Jack".
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