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Ridiculous "Deals" Thread

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Post here any funny, unrealistic, or just downright pitiful sale links here.

Examples might include cheap guns with outrageous starting bids, reserve prices or broken/incomplete auctions or even retailer listings.

(not the place for attacking or calling out forum users here, other sites might be acceptable unless the intention is to start a fight :) )
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Well, at least they have a good dedicated customer base. I think for a long time people just assumed Evike was "too big to fail", but there are enough other options now with similar or lower prices to cause Evike some grief.
I almost got one off this forum for $500...

Not sure if the guy even had it, sent him the money and nothing 4 months later. Sad.
It's funny, but he was probably just throwing attachments on to show what comes with the gun, and didn't even think about that.
...and obviously missing the flashhider and any sense of decency...
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Maybe it could go in a skeletal receiver and have a "variable" FPS system, based on how thoroughly you plug the hole with your finger.
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$350 for a ~28rps DSG. Seller notes that semi doesn't work but it's 'probably an easy fix.'

How do you even manage that? You would need a worse then stock motor. I want to buy it just to see what got messed up so bad.
At least they were thorough with the description...
I couldn't imagine blowing that much on a single pistol... I've definitely spent that much on airsoft in general, but that's for the kit, primaries, secondaries, teching tools and parts!
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