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Ridiculous "Deals" Thread

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Post here any funny, unrealistic, or just downright pitiful sale links here.

Examples might include cheap guns with outrageous starting bids, reserve prices or broken/incomplete auctions or even retailer listings.

(not the place for attacking or calling out forum users here, other sites might be acceptable unless the intention is to start a fight :) )
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That’s because it has that ‘supper rare’ Evike limited addition magazine, and a custom upper receiver handle.
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So what you're saying is someone actually bought that? Not delisted?
I think it may have been removed….when I click the link, it says sorry, page not found…..
20% increase….in essence a new era in……Ultra quiet…….invested sooooo much, I can’t afford a $10 hinge……
This kid must have just taken a class on persuasive language for advertising in a 10th grade English class….

Aztech innovations really in Australia? Isn’t airsoft banned there?
The price of my first 2 cars together was less than that airsoft gun….
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