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Ridiculous "Deals" Thread

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Post here any funny, unrealistic, or just downright pitiful sale links here.

Examples might include cheap guns with outrageous starting bids, reserve prices or broken/incomplete auctions or even retailer listings.

(not the place for attacking or calling out forum users here, other sites might be acceptable unless the intention is to start a fight :) )
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It's possible it's just not feeding correctly and dropping shots. That listing doesn't look like the seller knows all of what he's doing... kinda like all of the "DMR" listings.
I empathize with those people. Not long ago I was one of them.
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Product Font Rectangle Screenshot Software

Airsoft V3 DSG UPGRADED GEARBOX W Tienly infinity 30k Motor.

Uber DSG V3 gearbox upgrade build. 18-1 shs gears with dual sector gear. Gate aster V3 ECU with USB link. Bored up cylinder. Aztec ultra composite piston, Aztec 16-port piston head, Aztec Apache air driven cylinder head, if you are not a major airsoft Maniac or are unfamiliar this air driven cylinder head removes the need for a tablet plate and nozzle by using air compression to extend the nozzle tip under spring power into the hop up. As text Data testing data shows no drop in fps or PSI but an increase of 20% RPS. In essence this is the new era of DSG builds ultra quiet less moving parts no loss of FPS or PSI, the only part needed is the trigger hinge, I lost the original one and have invested so much in this upgrade that I don't have the money to buy a $10 hinge. Other than that there are really no areas for improvement with this gearbox other than possibly a V3 speed trigger and the new Aztec anti-reversal latch but again I didn't have any more money to put into this and I couldn't wait the 5 weeks to get the latch from Australia where they are built. I was building this for an MP5 which I have the body and an upgraded Angel custom 6.03 155mm inner barrel and a suppressor for (not pictured.) Available as well.

“Excuse me, but do you understand how airsoft works? No? Well, that’s normal. Don’t worry about it--just sell it on eBay!”

35g+ piston assembly plus 30K Tienly—PME, anyone?

Aztech Apache cylinder head equals… ultra quiet? With no FPS or “PSI“ loss?? Increase of 20 RPS, excuse me?

”Upgraded” Angel Custom barrel? Typical.
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Aztech started as a gel-blaster outfit. That’s why so much of their stuff is cloned and modeled from Ares. They mainly do gel blaster stuff, but now it’s AEG-specific stuff too. Gel blasters are legal in AUS. Not sure how making AEG parts is looked upon, but they do it.

Most gel-blaster parts work with reg AEGs.
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Add to the fact that HopUp is just full of scams… I just won’t buy there.
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Depending on what parts you have, you may be able to offload them here… without eBay fees.

Other than that, I have to say, eBay is by far your largest concentration of buyers.

@danerd I have no doubt there are reputable sellers on HopUp, just as there are on eBay, Reddit, etc, and if you find some good folks, great for you! :) What had me worried was that I’d read about people being able to fake number of sales, and occurrences of even people with many sales scamming folks. On other forums that I’ve bought and sold on, this hasn’t been the case, so I made the personal decision not to get tempted by listings on HopUp.
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All do you pistol guys out there, does there exist a parts list that would make a hicapa that expensive?
Build two Gucci AEGs, both with $600 base guns…

Or take your Polarstar and put it in a custom receiver/handguard/rail system, along with tanks, regulators, and a comfortably overpriced barrel group too. ;)
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Font Rectangle Screenshot Technology Software

These cost $115 new. This guy is also charging $30 shipping.
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Possible for sure.

The only SRC product I’ve dealt with so far was actually a Valken rebrand, and I was actually impressed with some aspects of it… until they threw a trash motor and 22:1 gears in the thing and ruined it.

Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture? Just a hint, it’s missing something…
The usual kind. If the listing were real and not a scam it would be a decent deal even with a hop unit, but when you’re missing the hop in the picture… who still buys that?
HA! Sold.

What a world we live in my dudes (and ladies, if you exist).
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Tank Font Combat vehicle Screenshot Self-propelled artillery

G&P M4 Airsoft AEG and accessories.
old gearbox has a broken step gear
APS silver edge version 2 gearbox is in it
Extra motor
extra hop up
extra stock
three magazines
4000 milliamp 11.1 volt LiPo battery with charger
Lonex hop up unit
Lonex Titan motor infinite torque up 40,000 to 45,000 RPM
400 mm tight bore barrel
Magpul stock
Folding stock
Gun stand

Where do you get $1,200?? Add $85 shipping and you might as well buy an overpriced custom from some shop somewhere that’ll at least give you a year’s warranty.

The Umbrella Armory Cyma Platinum is $999…
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My my... we're going to have a lot more noobs trashing their guns during the first ten minutes they own them... I'm genuinely surprised they even tried to put this out there--why not do something like produce a good 10:1 DSG set?
Well you have SC's kinda dominating the 10:1 DSG market I guess. But then again aztech released a nominal 10:1 SSG set with a ridiculous description to boot lol.
SC dominates, but there's a reason why SHS sells their 18:1/16:1 DSG for $20ish--for the folks who just won't put up $100+ for a gear set. If Aztech put out a solid 10:1 DSG set for under $40 I'd be interested.

When did they release an SSG set? I've never seen that (not on their website currently).
I'm more than willing to shell out good $$$ for excellent gears....

IF they were in stock...
I've never messed with SCs as of yet. Maybe one day I'll try it out and become a true believer...
I am interested--that would be a great use for my 38TPA ChiHai motor I also thought it would be a great idea to buy...
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