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Ridiculous "Deals" Thread

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Post here any funny, unrealistic, or just downright pitiful sale links here.

Examples might include cheap guns with outrageous starting bids, reserve prices or broken/incomplete auctions or even retailer listings.

(not the place for attacking or calling out forum users here, other sites might be acceptable unless the intention is to start a fight :) )
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Angel Custom barrels are actually pretty solid, about as good as any other $50-60 stainless barrel.
I get them and lap them

For "deals", just look at HopUp, that place has really gone downhill
My friend Blind Sniper made a youtube video on the subject, which was pretty spot on.
Lots of scalpers on there, I remember some guy getting really mad when I asked him how much he wanted for his stock brand new $275 AAP01 when they were still new. Keep in mind it was supposed to be a $75 gun.

I miss the old HopUp where I bought a VSR-10 with a Wolverine BOLT shipped from Peurto Rico for $160, and where I got my Polarstar F2 for $290 with less than 20K rounds on it(you can check in the FCU).
Those days are gone though, and I think that the number of active users is super low these days with it mostly being people selling repro optics for twice what Aliexpress charges, so it will likely go away someday.

Anyways, is there a good place to unload random parts?
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That statement applies to all barrels except EdGi and ESCW barrels, as in my experience and my customer's experience, even PDI, Lambda, Airsoft Philospher, Prometheus, and DaVinci see noticable benefits.
They are no better or worse than a ZCI, just .01mm tighter than a ZCI, which I care about.
If you want a 6.01 and are willing to lap your barrel, you may as well save $20 at the minumum and buy something cheap. That said, lapping a PDI, Lambda, or DaVinci will maybe be slightly better than a cheap barrel.

As for people who are too lazy to lap a barrel, Lambda, PDI, DaVinci, and EdGi are all good, but lapping is very easy and I think more peopple should do it.
I think that if you listed a bunch of stuff on Hopup for the the minimum price, and then bought it all on a different account you'd only lose 10% of your money to get those sales/ratings.
If you don't use PayPal on there, you might be a bit of a nob jockey....
No parts list available

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Especially when the parts list isn't available, could be 600 in body and use stock internals.

I could buy an actual nice 2011 for that price, and maybe a KJW Hi-Capa afterwards lol
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You can get 2100 on Amped for like $52, and at $75 you get free shipping.

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Dang who's your BLS guy
You'll see a Maple Leaf bucking or AA red VSR-10 chamber for $20 or $80 on there quite often, it's pretty pathetic.
Most of us last a year or two, and we are primarily stupid teenagers.
Thankfully I wasn't super cringey early on, but I'm pretty embarrassed to be vaguely related to much of the community.
Ugandan shillings
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