Ridiculously low-priced sale - Great value on G&P M4, G&G MP5, KSC USPc

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    Hello everyone. I'm getting out of Airsoft and I need money. Therefore, everything here is selling for WAY less than it is worth. So go ahead and buy something :)

    Album link: http://imgur.com/a/3Rw6k

    - Payment via Paypal only please
    - Prices don't include shipping, so let me know what you want and then I will quote shipping
    - I'll ship most things via USPS unless you want otherwise. If you want insurance, let me know. I'll get Delivery Confirmation.
    - Sales are final and ship only to the continental US.

    G&P M4 w/ Navy Seal body, asking $250 (price includes extras, see below)
    (Red dot in picture has been sold, but comes with BUIS and carrying handle if I can find it)
    As you can see, has cool trades. Click here to see closer up:

    Will ship as a package deal, including:
    4x mid-caps
    2x hi-caps
    1x lo-cap
    1x folding backup iron sight
    1x 9.6v 2200 mah battery, wired to small tamiya (not pictured because it is currently in the handguard)
    1x M4 mag pouch, OD
    1x 510mm 6.03 madbull v2 tightbore barrel
    1x Mock silencer

    This all totaled up to over $500 when I bought it. Never really had a chance to use it. Needs to have its wire harness replaced, because I clipped the wires. There has been some filing on the outer barrel inside the handguard, and there is some scratching on the outer barrel's bottom side. Other than that, the gun is in perfect condition. Less than 500 rounds through it.
    More pictures:

    G&G MP5, asking $125 (price includes extras, see below)
    Also ships as a package deal, includes:
    5x hicap magazines
    1x double mag hicap
    1x OD MP5 pouch
    1x 9.6v 1600 mah battery, wired to small tamiya (the gun is deans though)

    G&G trades: http://i.imgur.com/wF6rtEA.jpg

    Totaled about $360 when I bought it. Trigger can be pulled on safety, tappet plate just needs to be realigned I think. Missing stock pin, but I put a bolt in there to keep it secured. Charging handle broke off and threads need to be fixed. Other than that, great value.

    KSC USP Compact, sold

    Also up for sale (see album for all pictures):
    Album link: http://imgur.com/a/3Rw6k

    -UHC M9 springer, two tone $5
    -Gemtech mock silencer, w/ Trinity 9mm trades - $10
    -Tenergy universal smart charger - $5
    -OD kneepads / elbow pads - $5
    -Black Propper bdu pants, size Small/Long - $10
    -Metal mesh face guard, OD color - $10
    -Guarder protective eyewear - $10
    -James black leather sling, looks great on M14's but can fit other rifles - $10
    -OD bungee sling, hook and strap attachment - $10
    -Heavy duty nylon belt, OD - $5
    -Regular nylon belt, OD - $2
    -OD double pistol mag pouch - $3
    -OD chest rig, includes admin pouch and patches - $15
    -OD radio pouch - $3
    -Motorola radio with headset - $10
    -Classic army high-torque gearset - $15

    Prices can be OBO, let me know if you're interested.
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    Bump. Pistol might be almost gone. Price reductions on the M4 and MP5:

    M4 - $220
    MP5 - $110

    You know you want them ;)

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    If you're thinking about buying one, allow me to quote the wise Shia Labeouf... [​IMG]
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    Are you open to trades?
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    Are any of the pistols still available?