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Discussion in 'Miscellaneous Weaponry' started by Loneowl, Sep 17, 2012.

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  1. Loneowl

    Loneowl New Member

    Olsted Falls
    Hate to rehash subjects but I couldn't find any solutions for our field, on the use of riot shields, from the present threads.

    We play on a paintball field, that has permitted airsoft once a month with a likely expansion of more games per month coming. So some specific game rules have risen, especially with the riot shield. The use of the shield has created a large mix of questions and frustrations. I'm hoping to gather some good info on how we should handle the riot shield rules.

    For the time being, a riot shield with the holder having a pistol, with allowing a riflemen to follow using it for cover has been at play.

    Here is some of the problems: some say its no different then blind fire, with not bringing your head out to fire.

    Most riot shields are for a personal barrier from the rioters, rocks and glass and not bullet proof.

    If its going to be considered bullet proof, one, it should accurately represent the real deal, what with the limited visability and all. It should also be heavy, since the real ones are. proper size/weight of a real ballistic shield.

    Grenades might help solve the problems but I'd appreciate some serious
    suggestions for the use of riot shields, that can satisfy both sides of the issue. If a vote was asked at the beginning of the day, it would declare the shields off limit to the field but if I can produce some fair rules, it may help.
    Thanks and hope to get some positive suggestions.
  2. Dead Eye

    Dead Eye New Member

    I think Grenades are the best option as well. but best bet is to flank them all day till they realize they are carrying a hunk of pointlessness.

  3. Loneowl

    Loneowl New Member

    Olsted Falls
    Yes, flanking would be the first choice but these guys purposely play the flanks to help reduce that. Your absolutely right about getting them to the point, where it would be useless to bring it to the field.
  4. UsMc-alltheway

    UsMc-alltheway New Member

    Eh where do you play I.e. woods, fields etc? If you play in the woods then lie low wait for them to pass and hit em from's worked a couple of times for me.
  5. backyardsn1per

    backyardsn1per New Member

    If they are carrying a riot shield it restricts their speed, which is important in cqb. So you should use your higher speed to your advantage.
  6. xc0n

    xc0n New Member

    An implementation I have seen at some of my local fields for a riot shield include replacing your primary with the shield. So you can only carry a pistol/side arm with a shield. Also they use a two hand rule. For example if someone chooses to use a riot shield they must operate it with both hands. This makes it so the person with the shield can not shoot or operate any weapon. Also they are allowed two people to trail the shield. But these people can not blind fire. Also grenades or any type of explosive destroy/kill shield holder and anyone trailing.

    My local field had the same problem with the blind firing issue as well and this solved it. They also limit the amount of shields to two per team. In some cases the shields may be operated by refs as well.
  7. Duke

    Duke New Member

    At a local field I played at they had rules similar to the above, but they added that if you could get within arms reach of the person using the shield you could safety kill them, similar to the fact that you could smack away the thin plastic shield some players use and unload into them. They also don't allow players to run with the shields.
  8. KScollector

    KScollector New Member

    We use a 5 second rule. once the shield has taken 5 seconds worth of fire, its out since even a bullet proof shield would be getting torn up after that many rounds fired into it. If the shield is shot out, the person carrying it is still in. the just have to put it down. (and get to cover without being hit) That way they can use it for brief cover, but they cant just walk head on into fire. And the 5 seconds of fire does not have to be consecutive. If the shield is hit with a grenade or one lands within 10 feet of it, the blast kills the shield and anyone within the 15 foot blast radius.
    As for the type of shield, the one used at out field is wood so its kinda heavy, but it has a small viewing window covered with wire mesh to protect the "bulletproof" plexiglass. It also has a small hole cut for the user to shoot his pistol thru. There are no rules on his weapon since he keeps his rifle on his back till the shield is out. A GBB SMG might be an OK compromise. That way he can have full auto, but wont have a high cap mag. Or limit his electric SMG to mid cap mags.
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