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    Right, I want to buy a RIS kit for my JG M4, although it has a Dboys body if that makes a difference. I'm not sure what to get. However it needs to be able to have a gas tube as I have bought a flip up front sight which requires a gas tube, EbairSoft Airsoft parts & Tactical Gear - VLTOR flip front sight ICS0005
    I will also want to buy a PEQ box with this for the battery.
    Will I need a different delta ring for the gas tube as there is no hole for the gas tube to fit through? Will I need anything else for it to fit on?
    Also can anyone recommend a RIS kit for me?
    Also do M203s look good on RIS kits?
    Please leave links to sites for RIS kits and delta rings etc.
    If you request photos of my current delta ring I am happy to upload them.