Robin-Hood / SCM-11s AOR Kit

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    Kit List:


    • MICH 2002
      Green V-Lite
      Norotos Universal Shroud
      Counterweight Pouch
      Callsign Patch (right)
      Small Jolly Roger Patch
      Sordin Headset
      ESS ICE Glasses
      Black Nomex Balaclava (Unpictured)


    • SG/AOR2 Combat Shirt
      Jumpable Plate Carrier
      BFG 10 Speed Triple Shingle
      Small Utility Pouch (right)
      Clips Hydration Carrier
      Frag Grenade Pouch x 2
      MBITR Pouch
      Zip Cuffs
      Mechanix M-Pact Coyote Gloves


    • AOR1/AOR2 Crye Combat 'Pants'
      Molle Tactical Belt
      FAST Magazine Pouch x 2
      Dump Pouch
      Frag Grenade Pouch
      SERPA 1911 Holster (Right)
      Lowa Zephyr Boots

    MK18 Mod1-ISH rifle:

    • Eotech 551
      Generic Tac Light (right)
      Magpul AFG
      Stubby Suppressor
      XTM Rail Covers OD/FDE
      FDE PMAGs

    [Team Facebook Page]

    *** I haven't specified brands because most of this stuff isn't real deal, that should be pretty clear. I don't think it matters hugely as I'm not a stitch nazi ***
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    As always, looking good Robin. Do you have a better shot of that hydration carrier? I'm deciding what to get for my APC without waiting for whatever back order wait LBT has right now.

  3. Robin-Hood

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    Here, you can see it in this pic:)