Routable Radio Antennas

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    What's up guys. I'm a Ranger in 75th Ranger Regiment. I recognized a market place for an antenna that everyone wants but never knows how to make or purchase. I have started making routable antennas that are able to be weaved through your kit. They are made from RG58/U coax. 40 inches in length for multi freq range with MBITR or PRC 152. Comes with TNC attachment for those radios, can also come with TNC to BNC connector or SMA connector for Baofeng radios. Water proofed and protected by diamond braid poly blend that Is abrasion, oil, and mildew resistant. 50 ohms impedance, can be made any length and with any connector. They are selling for $40.00 each and are a must have. If you are interested, you can email me at [email protected].

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