RS Mil-Spec Stock for AEG

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    So I am building a new gun and want to buy a real MagPul Industries ACS-L collapsible stock. I have done a lot of research on the net and from what I have gathered, the majority of airsoft guns accept Mil-Spec stocks. Here is even a guy who bought a Mil-Spec CTR for his AEG.

    Here is a photo displaying the difference between Mil-Spec and Commercial Buffer tubes.

    And here is my buffer tube on my 416(approximately 6.7" in length)

    So as of right now I plan on buying a RS MagPul ACS-L collapsible stock.
    Does anyone have anymore information on this topic or has access to a RS collapsible stock and a airsoft gun to do a test fit?
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    Thanks for linking this jake. Although I cannot provide you with any help on this topic, this has helped me.

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    Any idea if the AGM HK is the same? I want to get the Magpul STR milspec stock for mine but I can't figure out if I can use a milspec Buffer Tube on it or not.