Rubber vs metal spacer

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  1. RGOKY

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    Don't know whether to buy a metal or rubber spacer for my hop up can anyone help
  2. Sparky_D

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    Pierce County
    Don't use metal. With continued use, a hard BB squeezing the bucking between a metal nub will wear through the bucking.

    If you need a stiffer nub than the rubber tube, use one of the plastic concave, "H" or "X" nubs (Shredder, Polar Star, Element, Madbul, etc...).

  3. RGOKY

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    Yeah I was thinking it would either wear out the bucking or get the NB James in the hoop due to the metal not being ably to Ben a bit

    Also should I use a hard 70* bucking or soft 50* bucking my gun shoots about 380-400 fps
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